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I need a reference pic of the Collicoid Scorpenek Annihilator Droid,  a pic came out in the new droid guide book, but I can't afford a copy.  If any one can post or send me a scan of it, it would be appreciated.
                  Thanks alot,

Star Wars Action Figures / Imperial Commando Full Body Armor Ref
« on: July 16, 2006, 05:15 AM »
Found this at  Some guys dressed up as Imperial Commandos,  don't know if its the guys from Imperial,  but I thought it might help everyone out.

Enjoy the pic.

Customizing Tips and Tricks / the miracle of epoxy resin
« on: July 12, 2006, 04:21 AM »
No high quality casting stuff yet but I did discover some neat properties of the Castin Craft 1:1 ratio epoxy resin.


Its clear so the castin craft transparent pigments can be used to make hologram figures.
Its dries rock solid
Its good for practice cause its cheap


I decided to experiment with it.  I did not have the Castin Craft pigments, namely white.  So I decided to try Testors acrylic white to pigment it.  It worked pretty well and gave a nice solid color.  There was one very interesting side effect.  The consistentcy changed from rock hard to soft and bendable, like pvc rubber.  Now the interesting thing is that the level of flexibility is affected by two things, one is how much acrylic paint you add and the other is if you add extra hardener to compensate for the paint.

The parjai helmet I casted came out just slightly more flexible than the normal pvc used for limbs,  so if I adjust the level of the paint and hardener I get a cheap way to cast limbs and cast torsos with plain resin.  I might even be able to use the stuff to make a two part mold, seeing as I don't have RTV or silicon.

Anyways LMK your thoughts on this, 

Customizing Tips and Tricks / I can start Casting today!!!
« on: July 2, 2006, 09:47 PM »
Just got some casting supplies to practice with from the local hobby shop. ;D 
I am gonna practice with a cheap Epoxy Resin and Laytex from Castin' Craft  before I move onto the stuff from, which I will be getting later on.

For those who are interested, I will be making casts of my Parjai (Fox) helmet - My  own sculpt which will be seen within the next two weeks on the boards, the speederbike clone head and the TSC Carb Han neck post (read:no evo or gunner heads :-[).  The casts will probaly be clear first, then I 'll try it with pigments.

Thanks to Glassman for the great tutorial on casting hollow helmets, and to Delaton at ffurg, Bantha5, Smartypants, and Master Phurby for showing how valuable the skill of Casting is to customizing.

PS: I know you guys are probably sick of clones, but I came to the boards way after in the clonerush of 05' so please give me a brake, plus I do more than clones okay. :)

Customizing Tips and Tricks / Sculpting tips?
« on: July 2, 2006, 12:38 AM »
Anybody have any tips on hbow to sculpt a figure from scratch?

I want some Republic Commandos.  So since I can't find any Scorchs here, I decided to make one.  Any one have tips on how to start from premo or sculpy?

Finally was able to take a couple pics using a friend's Camera.

However, the lighting was bad so I only have a pic that shows an SA Grievous,  its a crapy pic but it shows off the added points of articulation.

I will update with better pics probably within the next three weeks.

And yeah, he is holding a lightsaber with his foot.

Power of the Force 2 / Orange Card with Holo sticker?
« on: June 14, 2006, 06:29 AM »
I found a POTF2 Stormie on an orange card and with a holo sticker for $4.

Every thing looked genuine and was numbered .0000 for production. Card was in near mint condition.

Is this a rare variant?  The sticker was not a re- app and the dealer didn't know Star Wars products at all.

LMK what you guys think of this.

Did something really neat. Yup.  Really Really neat.
 I made a Mandalorian out of a TSC Carbonite Han. Looks really cool.

The drawback.  Alot of dremeling, and I mean loads of it.  As much as a armored microman custom.

The Bonuses:  The TSC Han makes the best fodder ever.  With a little dremeling or cutting on the joints, the body can accept any peg, and I mean any peg.  The legs are more picky though.

BBI, Star Wars, etc.....  Peg size is no longer an issue.

Plus the clothes can be blended to look like a tunic or a jumpsuit, short sleve, long sleve, sleveless...

Ball joint arms, swivel arms, even ball joint thighs (takes extra work though) anything is possible.

Anyways.  I dremeled out the Geonosis Flamethrower Jango and layered the armor (each piece was cut out separately) on top of the Han torso.  Looks Really cool. ;D

PS: The knee ball joints of Pilot Obi's Crappy legs make good elbows for figs with large arms, bulky clothing, or billowing shirts.  Think BBI Elite force arms. ::)

Star Wars Action Figures / SA Bossk/Trandoshan Merc ?
« on: May 19, 2006, 05:28 AM »
Has anyone else tried a custom Bossk/Trandoshan with a VTSC Luke body?

The uniform is similar and with added details it can be a close match.  However the height of the figure is an issue. 

I am starting one right now with a POTF2 Bossk and a VTSC Pilot Luke.  I would've prefered to use a Saga Bossk but I don't have one available.  Anyways, I have the arms and legs attached and it looks pretty good.  If any of you has done this can you tell or show me what you did?

Saga Collection '06 / Fixing VTSC Endor Han's leaning posture.
« on: May 17, 2006, 02:35 AM »
Hi everyone, ya know how Han leans to the side in a slouch?
Well that is because his ball joint peg is stuck.  If you carefully push the torso to the opposite side, the peg will snap free and it will have full side to side and front to back articulation.

Just a heads up for everyone that complained about it.

Hi everyone,  just got a couple VTSC Scouts and I decided to make a custom outta one.

Still no camera so no pics yet, I am saving up slowly so just be paitient. ;D

Anyways, I cut the ball joint off of the Scout (SACRILIGE!!!) and trimmed the neck post from an extra Saga Veers to fit it.  Then I glued it on.

For the head any BBI figure should do, but the Elite Force Grenadier looks the best. I dremeled out the head to fit on the ball.  So far it looks cool.  The hardest part was dremeling the head though.

For the helmet I plan to hollow it out enough so it fits.  Then I will make cuts along the seams of the helmet where the face plate flips up.  I might only do the goggle area and leave the bottom untouched so the helmet can stay on better. I plan to do it very slowly.  So I cut out the front. and make a hinge at the top and a locking mechanism for the bottom.

Now this is where I am stuck.  I need some suggestions on how to make the hinge and a tiny but strong snap lock at the bottom.

I am open to any suggestions for this project, so LMK what you think.

Newbies / Vader's Fist Arrives
« on: April 30, 2006, 12:33 AM »
Cue theme music (temple assault ROTS).  March, march, march. Hey! Lord Vader isn't in front of me!.  Where's my brothers?  Damn where am I?  Jedi  Must execute Order 66.  Where are the Jedi!!! Wait where's the freaking temple?

Oh its a forum, guess I might as well introduce myself.  VF/501 reporting for duty sir!  I did advanced scouting and determined there were Jedi here.  Where are you hiding them?  What no jedi?  You lie!!!  I've seen Metaljedi, Rollajedi, Tonywankenobi,and you tell me there are no jedi!!! 

What was that? Its only a forum you say, oh um, sorry.  Clone trooper singlemindedness ya know,  we get pretty focused on are objectives.  Anyways I am from Kamino or is it Hawaii?  Well it has alot of water around it whichever one it was.  I do custom work on Star Wars, no not my armor, my figures.
My Minimes.  I make, ARC troopers, villians, aliens..... 

Anyway, as a Clone trooper I palce high value on comraderie, which is adbundant here so I think I'll stick around (if ya have a problem with that you can talk to my DC-15, hehe),  I also post at FFURG but I lack a digital camera, so no pics of my customs yet.  Just trying to get a feel of the forums and make friends, and trading partners.  I can be highly critical of your guy's and girl's customs but I also desire crtiques on mine once I post pics.  I will also offer suggestions and praise, and I desire only acceptance and respect because that is what I have for everyone here (except *******s). ;D

I think you all do excellent work and I live by the motto that there is always room for improvement.

BTW until I get a digital camera you'll have to suffer through all of my suggestions, critiques, and jokes and I'll be invulnerable from yours bwahahahaha.

Found the temple.  Oooh gotta go shoot a jediscum in the back,  see ya later.

Clone Wars '03-'05 / Mail away SA AOTC Clone?
« on: April 27, 2006, 06:55 AM »
I got a question.  Has anyone heard about a mail away SA clone or one that comes as a bonus in a vehicle or figure pack?

I am asking because I found and bought a AOTC SA clone at the swap meet and it was was on a plain bubble with a plain red card back.  And a sticker that just said clone trooper attached to the out side of the bubble.  Is this a genuine hasbro product?

Anyways I popped it off the card and the waist was really loose on both points of articulation, plus the feet had peg holes unlike the CW SA trooper.  However it does have the hasbro name and place of manufacture on the proper foot.  I am confused.

As for the interior I popped both it (popped real easy without boiling, like there was no glue at all) and a ROTS SA clone.  This is how I found the problem with the waist.  The central peg is a styrene plastic and the rings on the sides are round and lack the squares to prevent turning in the mounting brackets (fixed it with superglue though, and I retained articulation).  This is completely different from the ROTS version.  Has any one popped a CW or EE version?  If so, is it like the ROTS or like how I described?

I want to know if mine is a bootleg SA or not.  If it is a bootleg, its a pretty well made one because with a few interior mods of the torso and some limb swaps with my busted ROTS SA, it made  a damn good template for my SA custom Alpha.

LMK your guy's theories and opinions on this.  Thanks.

Star Wars Action Figures / New Member (sort of)
« on: April 23, 2006, 07:09 AM »
Hi every one.  Some of you already know me from the FFURG forums, but this is my first time posting a topic here.

Anyways,  been working on my customs for a bit, but as some of you know I don't have a camera so know pics yet.  But once I get one and take some shots I'll post'em.

For those of you that don't know me, I'll descrbe my customs as best I can.

SA Grievous: I added articulation to the ankles (top and bottom), hips, elbows and upper arms. Then I straightened the right side hand.

Ankles: Added a ROTS battle droid elbow to the ankle and used the post and the ball and socket joint of a gundam for the feet.
Arms: Added ROTS battle droid elbows in the place of the originals, cut the elbows off a EP I bdroid and cut the Grievous arms below thw shoulder armor and slightly above the new elbows.  then glued the EP I pieces in, so that the arm can rotate.
Hips: Popped off the legs, cut and removed the post that held them.  then glued in to ball joints from a gundam and popped the legs onto those.

WIP Deluxe SA Galactic Marine: Built by chopping up multiple figures.

Dremeled out a POTF2 AT-ST pilot head so the helmet could fit on top of a clone helmet.  Then cut a section out of an old white tee shirt to make the face cloth,  glued it into the AT-ST helmet in the proper position so the visor showed.
Then I dremeled out the front and back of the SAGA snowtrooper torso.  made it so it can fit over the clone armor and trimmed the bottom a little.  Added straps to the top to hold the front and back together.  Then I added snap ons to the bottom side so  the armor can be taken on and off.  For the straps I used a SAGA endor trooper's gun strap, all sliced up and the snap on point from two of the CW ARC troopers Kama.
Drilled a hole in the back of the SA clone to match up with the snow trooper armor.  Then I cut off the pelvis with a dremel and glued the SAGA 06 han in carbonite pelvis in its place.
The kama and legs are still WIP and so is the paint job.

WIP Phase 2 armor ARC troopers- FanFic 2x

Used the SA clone, the #33 clone commanders kama and head, the ARC troopers paldron and guns, extra SA clone belts ( for the pouches), straps from the weapons of 12" army figures and vinyl sheets from a black binder cover to make holsters and pouches.

You'll see them once I get a camera.

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