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I am selling my carded VC collection due to some life changes. i sold most of it but I still have a lot of great stuff left. In order to move these and make it worth I am requiring a Minimum purchase of 3 figures per order! Each lot of 3 for US shipping is $6 (Sorry no INTL). Each additional figure is $.50 more per capped at $10. Cash or PayPal gift payment only! Thanks!

MOC Vintage Collection Figures (Picture below priced as marked. Minimum of 3 figures must be purchased.)
VC BR Luke Saber Construct $10
VC BR Mon Calamari Pilot $12
VC Darth Malgus $20
VC Darth Vader (#93 with BJ Hips) x2 $9 each
VC B-Wing Pilot $6
VC Woof $8
VC Skiff Master $7
VC Return Tie Pilot $7
VC Han Hoth Hanger $7
VC DS Capture Luke Jedi (Metal ring around name) $7
VC Endor Rebel Commando $6
VC Wicket $10
VC Logray $10
VC Han Endor $7
VC Revenger Stormtrooper $8
VC Admiral Ackbar $7
VC Dengar $6
VC ESB Boba Fett $10
VC Bom Vidam x3 $6 each
VC Rebel Fleet Trooper $8
VC Han Ceremony $6
VC Exclusive Zuckuss (Keep in mind this is actually 4-Lom) $9
VC Darth Maul $7 
Saga2 Bossk $6
Saga2 IG-88 $6
Saga2 Tusken Raider $6
OTC Lando $8
OTC Han Solo $10
OTC Chewie $10

Clone Wars Republic Tank (Original First release in AT-TE Red colors) $12
Clone Wars Vulture Droid x2 $12 Each (Buy both and Maul is free!!! Whoopdi Doo!!!)
ROTS Arc Fighter w/ EVO Arc Pilot $20
LC Geonosis Assault Gunship Pod Pilots x2 $4 each
LC Wal-Mart White Galactic Marine x3 $7each
OTC Yoda $5

Framed Picture Lot is $20 +$10 shipping

Comic Lot $18 Shipped

Dr. Who Tardis $25 shipped (GG notincluded, just shown for scale)


This will be fun to acquire.....they look good.

Other Toy Lines / Marvel Select Munsters
« on: June 8, 2011, 03:39 PM »
I did not hear one pep or see anything about these until I was opening my SW Vintage Wave 7 cases from BBTS. There was a small card flyer that showed Herman. I opreordered right a way, these a so "F"ing sweet! There is even a build a chair among the 3 in series 1!

I am a huge Munsters fan so I for one am very excited about these and wanted to spread the word. Not sure how many Munster fans are on JD but even if you are not these figure look sweet!

The Vintage Collection / Production Numbers on your Star Wars figures
« on: September 16, 2010, 12:43 PM »
MODs, this is a thread that will touch lightly on some political aspects but not does attack any specific party or "public servant", it's a blanket issue. I feel it's an important subject that over time will become more important to Star Wars collectors as this becomes more prevalent. It directly affects all toys and I will explain how it's currently affecting the Star Wars line. If this is the wrong place my apologies, but I truly think this is the right spot and should be discussed so this can be fought.

Have you noticed that all of the recent SW figures have numbers on them, many in non discreet places that kills the aesthetics? Have you noticed some of this:

I can shed some light on this now common occurrence. I think it's important to let the community know what's going on and what WILL/IS affecting the aesthetics/prices of our beloved action figure line. Overregulation and frivolous trial lawyer impacts are no longer a behind the scene aspect of what the industry deals with on a daily basis. I have worked in the toy industry for over 10 years I can tell you as a Designer my first priority was to always make sure the toy is safe. The worst nightmare of any Designer is to have a product you designed harm a child in any way. We have superb safety standards and toys go through a tremendous amount of testing to ensure safety. No company wants to harm a child.

That said, some unforeseen issues do get through. You will all remember a few years ago the lead paint recall at several companies, including Mattel, which had the biggest recall of all. No one was harmed during this recall but the paint used was unacceptable and the factories in China used materials that they should not have. To prevent this from happening again a new layer of third party checks and balances were put in place to ensure that the proper materials on the factory level meet safety standards. This has added a lot of cost to all products, including longer development time lines as it takes time to certify the product by the third party safety groups.

As I mentioned earlier, no one was harmed by the lead recall. It did not stop trial lawyers from filing frivolous lawsuits claiming kids were harmed anyway. After all of the settlements the extra layer of testing I mentioned above was implemented. While it added more cost and longer development lead times, it really is good to prevent factories from going around the system. It was a reasonable measure that no one fought against. The problem is that it did not stop there. Congress grandstanding and so called private Advocacy groups got in on the action too. They proposed even more regulations that had little clarity of what to implement in addition to the new safety rules. They want even more regulation that is getting to the point of insanity. It's becoming so cumbersome and so unrealistic that it's seriously affecting the industry.

In an effort to protect their businesses Toy Companies are taking proactive and preventative steps to shield themselves from law suits. Worst of all these bills have been passed BUT the rules in them have not been made clear or have been even finalized. So as usual they did not read them, passed them and will make it up as they go along.

No one is against strong safety standards, however we are now at a point where it's beyond reasonable. Prices, delays and aesthetics are being affected. Star Wars figures relies heavily on the aesthetics of the figure. The numbers that I showed above are the production batch numbers. So if a recall happens on a particular product you can know exactly if the product you have is part of the recall. Sounds great, but the problem is in most cases there is no room under the feet to hide this anymore.

When I was a kid I played with (the very dangerous) lawn darts, painted LEAD Ral Partha D&D figures that I handled for hours, did not sue when I fell off my bike because of my own clumsiness, and my parents actually parented watching what I played with. I turned out fine. I am all for safety We are getting to the point where it's getting so ridiculous. As a community I think we should push back because if we do not you will have more numbers on your figures on glaring places like Uncle Owens boot, more delays and cost.

Hopefully some of you found this insightful. I would love to hear your thoughts.

The Vintage Collection / Recent Vintage Collection Purchases
« on: June 28, 2010, 09:48 AM »
Well, I will be the one to start this new thread with the blessing of the staff. As Vintage is trickling in it's time a new thread is started. I scored ome stuff and have a tracking number confirming shipment!

I ordered the following In stock items from Toys R Us ON Saturday and today:
Luke Bespin x4
Leia Hoth x2
Han Echo Base x2
At-At- Commander x1
4-Lom x1 Vader x1
Denger x2
CC Pilot x4
Dak x2
C-3PO x2
Boba Fett x1
Cloud car x2
Snow Speeder x2
Cad Bane with Bike x1

Today was great because 1 item in your cart will be 50% off with the BGO promo and free shipping on orders of $49 or more. I did not feel guilty as I got free shipping on both orders. If they get the AT-AT in I will be very happy especially if I can get the second at 50% off and free shipping.

I loved getting an early start to spread the financial pain.

The Vintage Collection / Vintage "Bounty Hunt" Foil Cards
« on: June 1, 2010, 10:40 AM »

Star Wars Dioramas and Displays / Jabba's Palace Display
« on: May 11, 2010, 11:09 AM »
As I continue to perfect my Collection room I strive to create each shelf with a life of it's own. The majority of my display shelves have the shelfpaper art I created to generate the individual environment. I am very happy with the outcomes and still have much to finish. My Mos Eisly Cantina diorama/playset with lights is really the star of my collection. While I have a lot of details I have to finish on that dio there is one place I wanted to have a similar set up for - Jabbas Palace. Since 1998 I have been using the POTF2 3D cardboard display. After 12 years of it I am ready to move on now. So with that said I put my Cantina details on hold and decided to take a stab at a superior shelf display for the almighty Jabba. I was also inspired with the news of the upcoming Jabba and Throne this year. I want to greet it in style!

I took some photos to show the in progress shots to share with my fellow JDers.

Keep in mind I still have to add:
- Lights throughout the entire display including a light up spit! This will make the display!
- More paint details throughout the entire display. (More grime and wall color behind/in front the spit.)
- More structure & decoration details. (Red lights behind the spit, control panels, table/drink glasses, etc)
- Another mounted Taun-Taun head!
- Also keep in mind that I am not going for 100% floor plan accuracy as I am building this to fit on my shelf display. My Cantina is built to spec but really overhangs the Ikea Billy shelves. It will be crowded but I like it that way.

Enjoy and LMK if you have any questions. WORD!!!

In progress shots:

Shadows of the Dark Side / K-Mart Legends Jodo Kast exclusive
« on: May 6, 2010, 12:20 PM »
Courtesy of

We are getting a more up to date & adequate version of our favorite impostor exclusive to K-Mart of all places: link

I am really happy to see this one, this is a nice surprise! I hope we see more of cool repaints exclusives like these.

Feedback / McMetal's feedback
« on: May 6, 2010, 09:43 AM »
I am very happy to start Mr.McMetal's official Jedidefender feedback thread!

For the first time in my 19 year SW collecting history I put a call out for help on the EU wave. Without any prior communication he came to my aid and picked the entire wave up for my at the sweet $4.99 price. McMetal has proven to be (even before this) a solid JD member and is a valuable asset to the community. I would surely deal with him again and hope I can return the favor one day.

Thanks man!

Some exciting news on two larger sized Hoth BP's via Q&A from the German site (Say that 10 times)

1) Will we see a return of the Ultimate Battlepacks this year? If so, can you share any information of what to expect? And how about a different Hoth Battlepack in the future that includes an Ion Cannon?

Hasbro: While we will not release specifics, the Hoth packs coming later this year will be bigger than the current Battle Packs, but not quite as large and pricey as the original Ultimate Battle Packs. So in general, you are hunting in the right area, although the Ion Cannon is still way too big for us to execute.

2) We are still waiting to see the release of the non-bearded Hoth Rebel Trooper. Will he make it onto the new Vintage style cards or are you holding on to release him in a battlepack? He would make a nice addition on a single card considering the 30th Anniversary of ESB.

Hasbro: He will be released in one of the new Battle Packs mentioned above, later this Fall. At some point we do not rule out a release on a Vintage card, but that would be far out in the future if we did

I'm very  excited about the news of two larger sized Hoth BPs. Hopefully the one pack will have several Troopers maybe even a Torynn Farr, Hoth Transport cart, Reikean computer console, and other Echo Base goodies. Very cool news indeed!

The Prequel Trilogy / Attack of the Clones "Review"
« on: April 7, 2010, 10:51 PM »
Yup, a lot of very human-ish aliens, humans, and not a ton more...  Lucas definitely missed turning the Outlander Club into something better than it was.  I'm kind of glad his budget wasn't there for STar Wars because it seems to me that with a budget he didn't do anything nearly as cool.


You should watch this video, especially at the 6 minute mark with Yoda, hilarious. This is one of the funniest SW analysis video I have ever seen solely focused on EP2. (WARNING - It may ruin EP2 for you forever.)

Feedback / evilanimation's feedback
« on: March 18, 2010, 10:20 AM »
evilanimation is a great trader. He paid fast and was very on top of the deal! Hope to deal with him again! I am also happy to be able to start his FB thread!

Shadows of the Dark Side / Luke Skywalker's Snowspeeder
« on: December 4, 2009, 12:16 PM »
This is looking pretty good an more in scale with accurate details. I am digging the gunner cockpit, perfect for exploding in Daks face. I also like the molded detail on the canopy.
(You have to scroll down a bit)

(I hope that will be a blue A-Wing.)

Updated 12/6/10

The Back story:
After a year of my collection being packed away as we sold our condo, moved into my in-laws then bought a house I wanted to create the collection room I always wanted! My last Star Wars room was nice but I wanted to take my collection display to the next level this time around to show off my years of collecting in a much more impressive fashion.

Creating the new room vision:
I bought all new shelving, new carpet & gave it a fresh coat of paint that would give me the consistent set up I always wanted to have. I wanted to do something different with the shelves that has not been done yet (at least I have not seen it done to this degree). I chose the dark shelves to replicate a wide screen movie feel as the decoration inside each shelf is what would bring my collection to life:. I called it “Shelfpaper”.
Using some official artwork & screen grabs from the films, I created individual background images for each shelf. It was a very tedious process as I had to plan out everything that I was going to display, set it all up and most importantly be happy with it. Once that was all done I had to take it all down so I could size and create/alter the art for the “Shelfpaper”. Once printing and installation was complete I then had to set up the figures all over again. It was well worth it and I am very happy with the results so far. My collection now “lives” on the shelf instead of just sitting there.

Key notes about my collection:
- I only collect 3.75’’ scale figures, I am a focused collector; it builds a better collection in my opinion. I collect the realistic line with a few & far between animated figures if it looks real enough.
- Older sculpts of figures & ships are phased out of my collection. I only want the best of the best and I want them to have a consistent look for fleets & army builders. (I have gone as far as upgrading my A-Wings with the modern cockpit and my Y-Wings with the modern front cannons to keep them up to date.)
- In regards to my Troops I primarily focus on movie troops. Outside of a few EU battalions my army is comprised of 85% “real screen Troopers”. All of my standard Troopers must be an SA version. You will find no other type outside of a SA style. I am also not into too many “Skittles” Troops.
- All Prequel Clones Saga style DC-15 blasters have been replaced with the more accurate Evolutions DC-15 Blaster style. Yes, all have been replaced. Both versions of the DC-15A Rifle are still in my collection as they still look great.
- I swap out certain weapons and even heads to create the best version of a characters. (All of my ANH Lukes have the Resurgence head, All of my Chewbaccas have the Legacy Pilot Bowcaster with the weathering detail, etc. I go that far to be perfect!)
- I was able to display about 85% of my overall collection. I have two 45 gallon storage bins of figures and ships that I just could not display. (Not shown)
- One corner of the room is the “Calrissian Custom Corner” where I make custom figures and have a dedicated section for the smoothest smuggler in the Galaxy and my favorite Beer!
- Want some tips and tricks? Want to see some cool customs?
Check out my blog here:


Pan view of the room shots:
<img src="">

Visit the Blog and you can see super large images of all of the pictures above plus close up shots!

As always I will continue to update the pictures as I finish the uncompleted shelves and update displays.
Thanks for looking stop back and LMK your feedback!

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