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Hi, sorry if i haven't been involved in this project.  Just wanted to let you guys know that I like everything I see so far and to make an offer to the project.

How would you guys like some noghri citizens/warriors/assassains for the UGP (donated, up to four),  I am working on a custom sculpted and casted generic SA Noghri warrior.  So far I am in the sculpting stage and it will take 2 months or more to complete, but I gaurantee a quality product, with 2 head variations, a head styled after the Dark Force Rising version and the more recent short snout version seen in the clone wars graphic novels (bly, aayla secura on honogar)

The articulation is as follows

Ball jointed

swivel wrists

I have figured out how to cast ball joints and will share the technique later.

It would fit with the ROTS ANH timeline cause Vader vsited Honogar after the clone wars but before ANH.

If you are interested please PM me to work out arrangements, even if you would like some just for yourself (these will be sold however).  I'll try to post picks of the WIP when possible.

Just let me know your guys thoughts on this.

Thanks alot,

Thanks BrentS, now all I have to do is gather parts.  If there is anything you need just send me a PM.

Thanks again

Thanks, I am also looking for two staps with missles for the guns and Ep1 destroyers for Parts

Thanks again,

30th Anniversary Collection / Re: Your Dream Wave
« on: July 17, 2006, 06:50 AM »
My dream waves

Army Builder 1 Basic troopers 2 per case

VOTC Stormtrooper
SA Clone trooper ROTS and AOTC heads
SA Rebel Fleet trooper w removeable helmet
SA Battle Droid- Sturdy limbs
SA Super Battle droid- Sturdy limbs
VOTC Boba Fett- for Mando Army building

Army Builder 2  Cold weather troops 2 per case

SA Snowtrooper
SA Galactic Marine
SA Hoth trooper w removeable hat
TSC At-At driver
VTSC style Hoth Snowspeeder Pilot
SA Super Battle Droid with snow weatheriing

Army Builder 3 Specialist troops/Commandos 2 per case

VTSC Scout trooper-larger head sculpt
TSC Endor trooper- both variants
SA ARC trooper-removable helmet
EP 1 Destroyer droid- ROTS/Saga/TSC head
Republic Commando- Plain white/ black variant with articulated knees and removeable helmet
SA Airborne Clone trooper- Mace windu battle pack repaint-plain white

Army Builder 3 Support troops 2 per case

SA Rebel Technician- with equipment case and tools
TSC Fire speeder pilot
TSC Death Star Gunner
2 pack- PTK droids-the ones that fix the battle droids from Ep1
Deathstar trooper- new sculpt SA and removable helmet

Army Builder 4 Pilots 2 per case

SA Tie Pilot
VTSC style Rebel pilot- various heads and helmets
ROTS Clone Pilot
SA Pilot Battle Droid
AOTC Clone Pilot- Evolutions repack
SA AT-ST Pilot- removable helmet and various heads

Army Builder 5 Commanders 2 per case

New more Accurate SA Commander Cody
New VOTC style Stormtrooper Commander
New more Accurate Commander Bly
New more Accurate Commander Baccara
New SA Commander Keller
New SA Rebel Fleet Commander

Villians Wave 1 per case

SA Darth Sidious Senate Duel- Soft goods cloak and robes
SA Ultimate Darth Vader
SA Ultimate Anakin Skywalker-Mustafar
SA Ultimate General Grievous-Soft Goods cape, spliting ball jointed arms
Darth Maul- Evolutions repack
VOTC Boba Fett
VTSC Style Jango Fett
Count Dooku-Evolutions Repack
SA General Grievous-Before cyborg augmentation
SA Asajj Ventress

Heros Wave 1 per case

VOTC Han Solo
VOTC Chewbacca
SA Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight
ROTS #55 Obiwan repack
SA Anakin Skywalker Jedi Knight
SA Padme' Amidala- Geonosis Arena
SA Ultimate MAce Windu

Excellent Jodo Kast, your are one of the few people to capture the essence and look of the character with great detail. Your Jango and Boba fett are well executed.

I need a reference pic of the Collicoid Scorpenek Annihilator Droid,  a pic came out in the new droid guide book, but I can't afford a copy.  If any one can post or send me a scan of it, it would be appreciated.
                  Thanks alot,


Ep 1 Destroyer Droid- Normal version : 2-4x
Saga1/ROTS Destroyer Droid Head : 2-4x
Ep1 Stap with missles, no droid needed : 2x

I will trade for these,  shoot me a PM with your wants if you have some available

Customs Community and Group Projects / Re: It's a boy!!!
« on: July 16, 2006, 05:16 AM »
Congrats Dre,  hopefully he'll take after you and your love of Star Warss. Now just wait till he hits the teenage years..............

Star Wars Action Figures / Imperial Commando Full Body Armor Ref
« on: July 16, 2006, 05:15 AM »
Found this at  Some guys dressed up as Imperial Commandos,  don't know if its the guys from Imperial,  but I thought it might help everyone out.

Enjoy the pic.

Great start on the Imp commandos Glassman.  As always you deliver high quality sculpts and casts of helmets and heads.  The only reason I never order fro you is the fact that I like the feeling of doing my own version, of course I could never match your skill with the resin, plus my sculpts turn out slightly lopsided. :-[ 

Anyways I like your  work, and I'll soon post some pics I found of guys in full commando armor.

All of the above jedi are amazing, especially the dri brushing and washes on Sora Bulq and Roron Corobb,  really briings out the detail and you captured the essence of Dark Bulq from the comics very well.  Just need a pic of him fighting Vos or stabbing Oppocis Rancis.

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: CHEWIE's CUSTOMS preview 7.14.06
« on: July 16, 2006, 05:03 AM »
Great work on the PNs, need the next chapters, like crack......have need hit soon......drooolllll.........

Mental Incompetentce aside, your PNs look very professional, just waiting for them to be made into movies, lol.

Keep up the great work, and for a customiser that mostly does boil and pops and repaints, you do very good customs, especially cause of your lack of sculpting. 

Great job on casting the parts,  as for my ball joint project, it is going to have to wait until I get silicone or RTV rubber the laytex is hell to work with (takes way to long for a two part mold).

As for the Parjai helmet, make a blank cast, sand it smooth then remold it to get rid of the chunky sections,  I am doing this for my sculpt currently as I am not able to make mine as smooth or even as Glassman.  Anyways, great work and your fem-mando should look great.

Looks like the perfect hive of scum and villany.  Great dio and I can't wait to see it in your PN.

You did a good job on Boss but i suggest you smooth out the paint in some areas, but I know how hard it is to repaint a clone white ;D so I give you props for doing it that way.
As for the Jango, good start on it it should turn out really well, and are you going to use comdr cody's head for your boba fett?

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