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Title: Marauder Gun-Runners (Accessories, Weapons, Stands & More)
Post by: Jesse James on December 14, 2009, 05:12 AM
I'm a HUGE fan of Marauder Gun-Runners ( store of accessories and gear for all things 1:18 scale/3.75".  They've created some cool sci-fi and clearly Star Wars-rooted weaponry in the past, and they're taking their line of accessories a step further by introducing a new system of stands for 3.75" Action Figures.

Just a little synopsis real fast, they do all injection-molded plastic accessories on their site, so you're getting a pretty high quality and durable item when you order.  Their guns often feature movable parts like stocks, removable clips, bipods, etc.  The detail is pretty insane too with some of the weapons, which feature removable grips, lights, secondary weapons, and ammo clips.  That's serious detailing in this scale!

This post is largely to promote their new Interlocking Display System (I.D.S.) of stands though, and eventual future products.

Marauder Gun-Runners recently sent me a set of their I.D.S. to review and get a feel for how the system works, and what benefits or drawbacks it has, and then share that with our readers here at Jedi Defender.  
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(Clicky Images to Read Review!)

Overall, color me impressed!  I found the system pretty versatile and actually was most impressed by how it made moving large groups of figures easier.  The semi-glossy black surface is ideal for Starship or Death Star-ish looking hallway floors too.  More colors may be coming, but I'm not sure on that.  The stands are easily customized though if you wanted unique bases for your figures.  

I'm hoping to pick up a couple more sets soon as these work well for my vintage Star Wars and I'm about to get my loose figure collection set up into a new shelf I built, so it's the ideal time to crack and buy some stands!

Thanks for reading, and share your thoughts on the I.D.S. stands if you'd like!
Title: Re: Marauder Gun-Runners (Accessories, Weapons, Stands & More)
Post by: Sprry75 on December 14, 2009, 11:59 AM
I'll just chime in and second the overall awesomeness of Marauders.  I love their stuff.
Title: Re: Marauder Gun-Runners (Accessories, Weapons, Stands & More)
Post by: efranks on December 14, 2009, 11:59 AM
Those stands look really interesting.  I like the fact that you can get so many figures in such a small area.  Even if you aren't looking to display everything as a unit in formation, it would be fine for a normal display of all your BDs or Troopers, even the Jedi or pilots.

The price isn't bad but that initial investment would always be big if you're looking to replace all existing stands.  I think if picked any of these up I'd look to buy them for my Trooper sqads only and then use the stands I already have for the rest.

Title: Re: Marauder Gun-Runners (Accessories, Weapons, Stands & More)
Post by: jedi_master_sal on December 14, 2009, 05:18 PM
I haven't been to that site in awhile. Anyone got a link?
Title: Re: Marauder Gun-Runners (Accessories, Weapons, Stands & More)
Post by: Jesse James on December 15, 2009, 09:40 PM
A brief update.

I spoke with the owner, and clear stands are on the way as well, as there was an overwhelming demand for clear...  Just a heads up for those who were hoping for this and thinking of ordering. :)
Title: Re: Marauder Gun-Runners (Accessories, Weapons, Stands & More)
Post by: Diddly on December 15, 2009, 10:15 PM
I might look into those, as I was digging the review posted on the front page. I've never used stands in the past, but I have so much stuff displayed now that it's time for me to start looking into them. I might wait for a sale or see if they offer a bulk discount for those stands, because I need a lot of them.
Title: Re: Marauder Gun-Runners (Accessories, Weapons, Stands & More)
Post by: Jesse James on December 15, 2009, 11:02 PM
Marauder's doesn't do many sales I've ever seen as they're a small company, but they DO do bulk discounts on stuff.  I'm not sure on the stands, but you can always contact them and ask.  My sample was a larger set, but it was a sample so I can't say for sure if it's available.
Title: Re: Marauder Gun-Runners (Accessories, Weapons, Stands & More)
Post by: efranks on December 30, 2009, 02:00 AM
Jesse hooked me up with a promo pack of these stands and I got around to playing with them tonight and they're really pretty cool.  Obviously they work fine as basic stands but where they take it up a notch is the size and the ability to fit them together.  Like he showed in his review, they work well for displaying squads and whatnot, but I thought the cool part of them is that they fit together tightly enough that you can do other things with them you can't do with most stands.

I put one up on end with a Clone in "flight" and it worked really well.

( (

They fit okay on most of the Star Wars and Joe figures I had handy as well as the Hasbro Gambit figure.  The foot pegs are long, which is fine, but most of the figs I had have shallow foot pegs so a couple didn't fit, like an Indy figure and one Joe I tried.  I blame that on the figures, not the stands.  I also tried an Avatar figure (hole was too small) and a Mezco Hellboy figure (foot hole too big for the small peg, too small for the other) which didn't work.  I'm sure I have other figs around that would fit, though.

Over all, I really dig these stands.  As I said in my first post, I'll probably use these mostly for troop displays but that's just the way I have things set up for now.  I see on Marauder's site they have the clear stands available as well.  I like the black but the clear look like they'd be good for some displays.

Title: Re: Marauder Gun-Runners (Accessories, Weapons, Stands & More)
Post by: Jesse James on December 30, 2009, 04:18 AM
I hadn't even been on to check, was planning an order so the clears being up is a huge surprise to me.  I'm digging your flying display, and the clear would make that even cooler I think.

I'm going to order a pile for army building displays, but I'm ordering some clear to display Boba and Jango I think, as well as some Jetpack Clones and things.

Thanks for the inspiration man!
Title: Re: Marauder Gun-Runners (Accessories, Weapons, Stands & More)
Post by: Pete_Fett on February 22, 2010, 02:28 PM
I ordered a set of 100 clear stands from them this weekend - I'll let everyone know what I think about them after I've had some time to get some of my figures from perpetually falling over.

I'm looking forward to using two stands together to achieve those same "in flight" poses that E demonstrated with Denal a few posts back - Marauder should give you a commission E, it's your pic of Denal that sold me on buying their stands.

I also ordered four of the gray katana swords for my Snow Samurai Troopers (the Joe Johnston Concept Snowtroopers). I think seeing one of them wielding a sword would look pretty cool.
Title: Re: Marauder Gun-Runners (Accessories, Weapons, Stands & More)
Post by: Pete_Fett on February 25, 2010, 12:52 AM
Ok so I ordered on Saturday and by Wednesday the order had arrived.

I've already gone through 60 of my 100 stands, so needless to say, I'm probably going to order more.

I've been mostly using the stands on the Clone Wars figures and with the exception of Luminara and the spy droid from the monestary (can't remember it's name) the stands all work great. Some figures don't plug onto the stand fully, but most do.

I put together a similar display to what E did below for Denal.

The Katana swords work well with the Joe Johnston Concept Snowtroopers, so I'm glad I picked them up as well.

I would definitely order from them again - in fact, I'm probably going to submit another order before the week is out for another 100 stands...
Title: Re: Marauder Gun-Runners (Accessories, Weapons, Stands & More)
Post by: efranks on February 25, 2010, 02:04 AM
I'd love to see a photo of the concept Snowtrooper with the katana.

Glad you like the stands.  I think they're really handy and while I haven't taken the time to go through my display and replace my older stands, I've had figures on my computer desk using them since I got them.

Title: Re: Marauder Gun-Runners (Accessories, Weapons, Stands & More)
Post by: Jesse James on February 25, 2010, 03:45 AM
Hey Pete,

Let them know you came from Jedi Defender if that's ok, just for promotional purposes, and while you're there I would suggest:

-MG-34's...  They're fantastic for your sandtroopers and stormtroopers, and they're made of a nice sturdy plastic.  I'm hopeful they'll maybe someday make folded bi-pods too, so you can have the bi-pods not unfolded as they are now.  I just take them off though.

-Blastech E-11 Stormtrooper rifles...  They have a flip-out stock and trigger guards, and look great.

-Han's Blaster Pistol...  Very detailed, removable scope piece too.

-Mini-Gun...  This thing is amazing!!!  Multi-part (I recommend gluing it together when you get it but it holds together fairly well too on its own), and easily replaces the CLone mini-gun. 

And this may be just me but I pick up fun extras like briefcases for Scanner techs and senator-ish figures to carry, and I nabbed some attachments to weapons like the foreward grip and things, because if you're careful with hobby drillbits, you can make some neat attachments to SW weaponry you have extras of like Clone rifles and things.  They look very special-ops-ish.

Glad you liked the stands.  I need another big bulk order actually.

Oh!  And I filed the pegs down some on the stands to accomodate figures with more shallow pegholes as well.  I've had to do that with all the stands I had leading up to these new ones from Marauder.  I'm ditching all my old stands now though for these.  It's cool you liked them too!
Title: Re: Marauder Gun-Runners (Accessories, Weapons, Stands & More)
Post by: Pete_Fett on February 26, 2010, 11:46 PM
I'll try to snap a few pictures of my "Samurai" Snowtrooper Squad and post them here tomorrow or Sunday.

I basically burned through the entire order of 100 stands setting up all of my Clone Wars loose collection in one of my display cabinets. I actually still have lots of clones and droids that don't have stands.

I'm going to make an order for another 200 stands and I was looking at some of the weapons you suggested Jesse and I think I'm going to add some of them to my order.

I will definitely mention that I was directed to them through the boards here.

They are really great to deal with - they even threw in some extra weapons - a scimitar and a sub-machine gun - I'm going to use them to add variety to my Indy line Cairo thugs and German soldiers...
Title: Re: Marauder Gun-Runners (Accessories, Weapons, Stands & More)
Post by: Jesse James on February 27, 2010, 12:09 AM
Very cool!

I'm hoping to put in another order once it warms up and I'm back to doing shelving and stuff, since I'll need the stands.
Title: Re: Marauder Gun-Runners (Accessories, Weapons, Stands & More)
Post by: Jesse James on January 12, 2016, 10:48 PM
Bumping an oldie, but goody.

Marauder Inc., incase you weren't aware, have their own line of "designer" action figures...  Basically think along the lines of Vitruvian HACKS, Acid Rain, etc.  IE: not $6, but built FOR collectors.

Their line is basically generic "soldiers" you can army build, but also buy to suit your needs completely.

Marauder always has had a line of weapons, then their really neat figure stands (which I was able to review for them).  If you need stands, IMO they still have the best option out there as they're interlocking and feature pegs for both sizes (vintage/modern).  They're cool, check out the review.

That said, their Task Force line of action figures is pretty interesting to say the least.

My brother backed their kickstarter for this line, and has the items sent to my house...  So I get to see them.  He got a custom head of himself, I think, since he backed them with so much $...  I saw it and it's a shocking resemblance to my brother so I found that cool unto itself.

Anyway though, the Task Force figures are basically a generic jumpsuited character with multiple holes placed for holsters, ammo pouches, sheaths, armor plates, whatever.  The basic construction style mimics a modern GI Joe design (wish it were more like an Acid Rain figure, but I digress).  It's pretty heavily articulated, and nicely detailed.  It would work well with GI Joe, Star Wars, or any other number of toy lines in the general 3.75" scale.

I ordered one tonight, and a pod of gear for him.  A basic figure with no gear is going to run you in the range of $15 I'd say.  Adding pockets, pouches, weapons, helmets, armor, etc. all adds to the price of the figure.  For mine, I went a little balls out since I wanted to get a taste of the whole thing, but I also could easily get guys just as drivers with limited gear (which is ultimately what this guy I got is going to be...  My Acid Rain vehicles need dedicated drivers).

They're nicely decoed too, and you can pick from a variety of headsculpts that is pretty diverse.  I got a guy in a black baclava with a skull deco on it.  Quite badass.

Anyway, I wound up spending around $47 shipped on one figure, but again I decked him out with tons of gear and I got extra weapons too for my growing Acid Rain World army too.  While it'll never be as big as my Star Wars collection, I have every intention of displaying my ARW toys separately and this Marauder Task Force line is a really ideal way to extend my collection beyond the line as it stands right now.  I'm not a GI Joe collector, but if I were (and since it's such a limited line at this point, with Hasbro's gaze elsewhere), this would be such a filler line that I can't see how you'd be miffed GI Joes weren't relevant at the moment.  There's just tons of stuff to buy to fill the gap ya know?

Some guys see the down times as miserable...  IMO, it's time you can use to find new ways/things to collect, and branch out into other areas that maybe aren't directly related, but you can clearly see similarities, and it will build on your existing collection.

Acid Rain World got my attention when Star Wars started hitting the doldrums, which for a guy like me who is into articulation, it never really got out of those times...  at least not very far out of them.  I love this stuff though.  Very happy with it.  And I'm thinking these Marauder Task Force figures may have found a permanent place in my collecting habits as well, especially if they branch out to a slightly more Star Wars flavor of sci-fi stuff.