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Good To Go Customs Product Preview/Review
« on: May 19, 2006, 09:37 PM »
Good To Go Customs is a brand new company about to open the doors to their one stop customizing shop ( at 9:00 am Thursday, June 1st. Good To Go Customs founding member Bekker was kind enough to send me some advance samples for review purposes.

Samples Overview:

As you can see, I have here an assortment of bladed weapons ranging from a short, futuristic tanto to a massive scimitar-like sword for your enjoyment today. I'll be touching on several points from sculpt to materials throughout the body of the review. The only items that have "official" names so far are the cobra-handled sword ("Serpent Sword") and the scimitar-like sword ("Commando Sword I") so I'll just use descriptive names for the rest of them (I'm sure the "official" names will be revealed when the store opens :) ).


"Serpent Sword"

The sculpt on each of the weapons is top notch! Good To Go Customs employs a mystery toy industry sculptor, referred to only as "The Sculptor", to do all of their original weapons, headsculpts, etc. Each of the samples I have are just covered with tiny, intricate details like the tiny scales on the snakes on the "Serpent Sword"'s hilt (see pic above) to the fierce dragon's head at the bottom of the "Dragon Sword"'s hilt (see pic below).

"Dragon Sword"

The attention to detail is phenominal. A very nice detail, often left off by the major manufacturers, is the beveled edge on each blade! Most often, action figure swords have flat edges while these blades have realistic, nearly functional, blades with working sharp points.


"Hibbins Knife"

The scale on the samples I was sent is very good. My first impression was that the knives were a bit big, but after doing some research I found the knives that they were based on to actually be close to that size in a human hand.

"Davey Crocket Knife"

Weapon Choices:

"Futuristic Stormshadow v1 Swords"

"Commando Sword I"

The selection sent to me covers a nive variety of real world and fantasy weapons. Just in this first batch you have updated of old familiar favorites ("Commando Sword I", "Futuristic Stormshadow v1 Swords"), some highly desired movie inspired blades ("Riddick Blade", "Kroenen Sword"), outright fantasy blades ("Serpent Sword", "Hibbins Knife"- obviously inspired by the work of fantasy knifemaker Gil Hibbins), and an American classic ("Davey Crocket Knife") just to name a few.

"Riddick Blade"

"Knuckle Knife"


These items are cast by hand out of Smoothon 220, a rigid yet strong plastic. I gently flexed the blades several times without cracking them or getting stress marks so they should stand up to some decent playtime :)

"The Neverending Battle"

Paint Apps[/b]:

None, they're made for customizers by customizers so you have to paint 'em yourself :D

"Kroenen Sword" (I really wish I had received 2 of these as this would have been an awsome pic :) )

The Future:

Good To Go Customs is going to start out small by offering hand cast accessories (cast by the multi-talented Master Gunzz and Bekker!), both original newly sculpted and copies of existing items, but plans to expand quickly. Already on tap for the near future are action figure "blanks" (nearly nude, highly articulated base figures for customizers), a line of newly sculpted heads, and all manner of accessories (including the much-loved wares of Marauder, Inc.!).

Good To Go Customs plans to offer much more than just parts though. After the initial launch, they also plan to stock paintbrushes, paints, casting supplies, sculpting supplies, sealants, and just about everything else for the art/hobby of customizing!

Final Impressions:

I'm very excited about the upcoming launch of Good To Go Customs' line of customizing goods! Good To Go Customs looks to fill a need in the customizing community by giving us items that the major companies often miss. There are quite a few items previewed on their site that I cannot wait to get into my hands. Final prices are being finalized at this point and will be revealed when the store opens on June 1st.

As I have said before in this review, these accessories are made for customizers by customizers so there may be some finishing that the consumer will have to do. As anyone who has worked with cast items knows, there is always the possability of small imperfections like air bubbles or mold flash that will have to be filled, sanded, etc. Of the samples I received, there was only one noticable air bubble on one of the snakes on the "Serpent Sword"'s handle while 3 or 4 of the other weapons had some minor mold flash that I had to trim off with a razor blade. There were NO major imperfections found in low quality casts like warping or distortions, these are very high quality casts as we have all come to expect from the hands of Master Gunzz and Bekker.

I give Good To Go Customs the "Spectre Seal Of Approval"!
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