Author Topic: Anyone Heard of Majo-Kit (Majorette)?  (Read 1954 times)

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Anyone Heard of Majo-Kit (Majorette)?
« on: March 4, 2008, 03:49 AM »
I'm curious about anyone who maybe knows of any site(s) into this.  I can't seem to find much in searches.

Majorette make die-cast cars like Hot Wheels and things, some larger scales too, but in the 80's/90's they also made a toy line called Majo-Kit that was basically a LEGO competition thing...  You built city's with it, and it was a modular set-up, not as versatile as LEGO, but similar in style...  You got building walls you put together, floors/roofs, sidewalks the buildings fit into, etc., etc.

I'm curious if people have heard of these, if people (other than me) had these, and if there's any kind of collecting site associated with them...  Considering possibly selling mine actually if I an find them and complete the sets as much as possible.  I had a sickening number of these I got at Children's Palace and Family Toy WhoreWarehouse and stuff.  They were pretty neat...  I'll be damned if I can find them on Ebay or anything.  Found a trade catalogue and that was it...  Sad.

They were really rather neat though and really challenged the mind as far as laying out a "city" in some logical way (or illogical if you were in the mood to really make a screwed up looking town).

Thanks if anyone knows something here.  Cars and associated toys aren't my gig.
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