Author Topic: Did You/Do You Have Any Toyline "One Offs"?  (Read 1978 times)

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Did You/Do You Have Any Toyline "One Offs"?
« on: February 11, 2019, 04:47 PM »
Not sure if that was the right way to title this thread, but it came to mind when I happened across a YouTube video about Inhumanoids (show and Toyline). I remember having one toy from that line (although I did watch the show), and liked the toy - but just didn't end up getting others for one reason or another. It made me realize I had a few lines like that. It may have been gifts, or just a certain toy caught my eye, but it seemed like outside of Star Wars, GI Joe, and was tough to give much attention to other lines. I guess this could apply to current collecting as well, but I was thinking of childhood I guess. Here are some of mine, off the top of my head:

Inhumanoids (one if the Earth Corps "good guys", the blue one with neon green, I'd have to look up the name again) Dr. Derek Bright

Centurions (Green suit, black haired guy - again, I'd have to research the name)

Thundercats (Panthro, although I always wanted more)

Black star (John Blackstar, I actually remember getting this at TRU. Was looking for He-Man, settled for this. Really liked the toy though and his glow in the dark sword)

Rock Lords (a gold one, Nugget I think?)

Silverhawks (Steelwill and Buzz Saw, wanted more of these too)

Battle Beasts (had a deer one and a white lion I believe? Cool toys)

I'll add any others if I think of them (and look up some of those names) Kind of wish I still had these, but they may just be lost at my parents' house.
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Re: Did You/Do You Have Any Toyline "One Offs"?
« Reply #1 on: February 11, 2019, 06:22 PM »
You always make the best topics, Brian!

My main lines were Star Wars, Masters of the Universe, and Transformers, and I supplemented with figures from other lines as I saw fit. I have plenty of memories, though they are fragmented like yours in some places...

Inhumanoids--I had one of the trees...Redwood? I loved the show so much, and really wished the toy line matched up better. One of my friends had Despayre (the big skeletal bad guy with Starscream/Cobra Commander's voice on the show) and he was a lot of fun to throw into Star Wars or GI Joe battles

MASK--I had the Raven Corvette. I remember using the driver as a kid when mixing him with the Star Wars guys.

Dino Riders--I had the Triceratops. I wanted to be all in with the line, but I wasn't happy with the dinosaur's posabaility and I was getting older.

GI Joe--I had to have Destro. He menaced Luke and Han many a day. Later, as Star Wars died, I started buying more random Joes and Cobras. My friends and I would take them apart and build figures of the superheroes we would make up, so it never was a GI Joe thing.

GoBots--Turbo and Scooter joined the Autobots. I mean, Scooter was such a ridiculous character, I had to own him!

BlackStar--I had one of them but I couldn't tell you which one, I only got it for the little demon pack-in figure:
<---this guy attacked everybody!

Sectaurs: Whoever it was that came with the little biting bug. I think he was the equivalent of Man-At-Arms...

Visionaries: Arzon, the Eagle totem. I wanted to love these but the media made them more exciting than the reality.

Wheeled Warriors: the bad guy with the circular saw on the roof.

I have to put in a special mention of a whole line I played with as a "one-off" too. On vacation one summer my younger brother and I found a new line of toys called "Sky Commanders" all clearanced out at KayBee toys, and over the course of a few weeks collected everything we could cajole our parents into buying--they were cheap so it wound up being a lot. It was fun with lots of ziplines and creative play, but its cartoon got lost on USA's Cartoon Express and it died quick. That's one I would go back and recollect for the nostalgia.
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Re: Did You/Do You Have Any Toyline "One Offs"?
« Reply #2 on: February 11, 2019, 08:07 PM »
Great list! I totally forgot to mention M.A.S.K., another line I always hoped to get more of. I had the Thundercracker with Hondo McLean and the Pirahna with Stiletto. Pretty sure they must have had just figure two packs at some point too, because I had figures of Matt Trakker and Miles Mayhem. I, like most kids back then, really wanted the Thunderhawk. I'd try to track more of these down today if they weren't so expensive. Time to reboot this line!

Also double checked my Inhumanoids figure, it was Dr. Derek Bright. Never had any of the monsters, although I had a buddy that had D'Compose, still a great toy monster name.

I had a fair amount of GoBots, probably more than Transformers because they were cheaper - although I preferred Transformers. Turbo was always my favorite though. I did have the command center thing, which basically looked like an At-At.

I also had a Voltron knock-off type thing that was all motorcycles with a four wheeler as the main "head" type thing. I don't remember the name, but I'd be curious to find out what it was exactly.

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Re: Did You/Do You Have Any Toyline "One Offs"?
« Reply #3 on: February 12, 2019, 12:26 AM »
I had tons of Battlebeasts and they’re oddly valuable now. 

One offs I think I had were maybe a Silverhawk figure...  I was pretty spoiled though so I collected a lot of toy lines and didn’t have many one-offs.  Now that I’m older I wish my mom hadn’t spoiled us so much because she did without new appliances and things for us. 
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Re: Did You/Do You Have Any Toyline "One Offs"?
« Reply #4 on: February 13, 2019, 03:32 PM »
My brother was 100% into He-Man, but I was more interested in SW and GI Joe.  I only had Man-At-Arms and Man-E-Faces just so I could play with him once in a while when he refused to play the other lines.  Watched the show but never got into the toys the way my brother did.
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Re: Did You/Do You Have Any Toyline "One Offs"?
« Reply #5 on: February 13, 2019, 04:04 PM »
Interesting question.  I have a few really small collections of things like vintage Clash of the Titans, Zoids, Stranger Things, Rock Lords, Gobots, etc. but there's at least a handful of them for part of a display. I have a minimates Halo figure - not a big Halo guy, but I always loved the look of the Spartans.  In the 12" scale I have just one Abby Chase Danger Girls, Army of Darkness Ash, Spawn Angela, and a vintage Battlestar Galactica Cylon, but I just stopped displaying those because they don't really go with anything else. 
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