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Re: 2008: What Are You Collecting?
« Reply #120 on: February 19, 2008, 03:11 PM »
Thought I would bump this up now that we've got a pretty good look at the year ahead via Toy Fair.  Did anything you saw (or didn't see) change your outlook for collecting this year?  Mine stayed fairly similar, although seeing how expensive Star Wars will likely be - other lines will probably have to be kept at a minimum.

Star Wars

Basic Figure Line (TAC {what's left}, The Legacy Collection, Clone Wars)
Not much TAC left, I'll likely pick up most to all of the Legacy Collection with the Droid Factory concept.  I know I'm in the minority, but I'll likely pick up at least some of the Clone Wars (animated) stuff as well.  I'm in for some of the vehicles, beasts, battle packs, comic packs, and evolutions as well.  I'm trying to start saving now so I can get one of those AT-TEs, and I'll pick and choose with the others.  I'm in for exclusives like Order 66 and Droid Factory, we'll see about the others.

Galactic Heroes
I'll continue with these, although it looks like the line is really expanding this year.  Probably all OT-related stuff, pick and choose with the rest.  Can't wait for that Rancor set.

Other Lines

Indiana Jones
I'm thinking about most to all of this line as well, some deluxe (Indy w/Horse and others), and maybe the vehicles.  It might help that this will hit during the basic figure lull for SW.  I might be in for some of the Adventure Heroes as well.

Marvel and DC
It doesn't look like a lot of Marvel stuff for me this year at first glance.  There's a handful of Legends I'm interested, and the odd figure (movie Iron Man, Spidey stuff) here and there, but we'll see beyond that.  They didn't show a lot at Toy Fair, so its hard to say.  I'm in for some DCUC stuff.  Definitely all Batman stuff and the "big names" like the JLA and some of the name baddies.  Trouble is, I want the BAFs so far, so we'll see how this line goes.

G.I. Joe
I really like this line, and Toy Fair showed some more great stuff.  I'd like to continue with this line, but it will be really dependent on what budget is there for it.  If I had the money/room, I'd get the vehicles and all.  Otherwise, I'm in for a few more basic figures, comic packs, and some of those DVD packs when they come out - if I can afford it.

Pretty much the same list as before for me, but I'm just going to prioritize and get what I really want first, and trickle down and buy what I can afford for the "other" lines.  Like I always say, too much nice stuff out these days (especially with prices on the rise).

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Re: 2008: What Are You Collecting?
« Reply #121 on: February 19, 2008, 03:34 PM »
With a pretty good view of the year to come:

Star Wars (Hasbro) - I will be getting all the new basic figures as always. The battle packs, the comic packs, the exclusives and all that good stuff. I think i want an AT-TE as well. I am unsure about the Clone Wars line. When the time comes i will end up buying them but right now i am not excited.

I intended to quit the galactic heroes line but i can't, i like this year's showing.

Star Wars (Sideshow) - I plan on continuing with this line. It seems like we may actually get some armored figures this year.

Star Wars (Gentle Giant) - I think i have run the course with the maquettes. I still need to pick up Han. I will get the emperor but i think i will pass on the prequel ones (I will buy Qui-Gon though)

Marvel Legends - I really like FFF so i will stick a while a little longer, especially if Jesse Falcon is back working on them.

DC Classics - I have always loved the 4HM so they sucked me in.

Kubricks - I am doing the Star Wars ones and whatever else they release I may enjoy.

Indiana Jones - I am in for the figures and deluxe figures. No vehicles for me.

There of course will be random things. I will get the random Hot Toys item and probably the NECA Turtles but wont be collecting these in full.
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Re: 2008: What Are You Collecting?
« Reply #122 on: February 19, 2008, 04:01 PM »
I am staying focused......

Star Wars:
Count me in for all of the Legacy Basic 3 3/4", all 3 3/4" scale vehicles/beasts/evolutions/exclusives & all CW vehicles.

I will be passing on all CW basic figures & all sub lines like unleashed, GH, Titainium, Trans, & Mighty Muggs (I really have grown hate that line with a passion. I cannot believe how many lines are plagued with it!)

G.I. Joe

I am in for about 90% of it, there will be a few items I pass on. I broke my golden rule of collecting one toy line(SW). This line has me by the balls! I love the American patriotism and childhood memories this line brings back for me. I played with Joes more than Star Wars, I was so excited to see Tiger force Flint because that was one of my favorite figures as a kid! YO JOE!!!
I want to take this in before the Real American Hero gets sold out to globalization in the movie.

I hear you bro! The price hike is hard to accept. (Not that we have a choice) A $1.50 per figure is tough to swallow when there is no real value added in. A droid part does not make up for the massive pack ins we had this year plus you got a coin to boot! Hasbro, in my opinion, is laying it on too thick in a year where most people will have less to spend. I hope it does not backfire on them. Think about it: Star Wars, Clone Wars, Transformers animated & regular, Indy, Marvel, Spidey, Hulk, Iron Man & GIJoe = overload of product in the action figure aisle!

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Re: 2008: What Are You Collecting?
« Reply #123 on: February 19, 2008, 04:22 PM »
This year it is all 3 3/4 for me
Star wars & Clone Wars I am in for (the Clone wars will be on a figure to figure basis)  Yoda is a no, 
Comic packs and Evolutions are a yes
Ships are a must.   Exclusives are so far a go (Wally Comics are a no)

Indy is another yes  (the only figures I am iffy on is the Russain Soldier face kind of looks like the Disney German Soldier)  He may be a pass and some of the multiple Indys too

DC Infinity Heroes Line I will be picking up at least some of the Main Characters  Like Green Lantern,Green Arrow, Black Canary, Killer Croc, Flash and SuperGirl and a few others

Playmates Star Trek is another Line I will get

I am going to Pick through the new Playalong Narnia Line for Customs as well as the Cards Inc Harry Potter and Hasbro's GI Joe lines.   

Thats it for now
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Re: 2008: What Are You Collecting?
« Reply #124 on: February 19, 2008, 06:43 PM »
On the Star Wars front I'm in for the Legacy Collection after finishing off the last couple TAC and Saga Legends figures that I want from this year's selections.

I like the Build-a-Figure promo as I'm a huge astromech fan but I don't know if I want to follow all the WM exclusives and the ROTJ wave, etc.  We'll see.  My intention is to buy them, though.

I also want some of the vehicles including the AT-TE which I'll have to figure out.

Although I love the CW3d design and figures I don't know if I'll be buying them.  Maybe just a select few.

Not so hot on all the other lines like Unleashed, Mighty Muggs, Titanium, bobble heads, etc.  Probably skip most of that stuff.  The Comic packs, Battle Packs and other misc 3.75" stuff I'll play by ear, skipping most re-packs and just buing the new stuff.

The Lego Republic Gunship is the only Lego item on my list for the year, I think.

I'm mostly done with the Sideshow 1:6 stuff although that Obi-Wan is tempting.  If it's $90 like the rumors say I may get it just becasue it's Obi-Wan.  Otherwise, excluding an AT-AT Driver, I have no plans to buy other SW Sideshow items.

I'm in for the odd GG bust this year.  Already pre-ordered the Obi in armor and we'll see what else comes.  I'm not expecting to spend a lot of cash with them this year though.  I don't buy the maquettes, statues or other lines but will probably buy the AT-AT Driver Classics bust.

Other lines.

Indiana Jones - Definitely buying at least one Indy in the 3.75" line, probably the ROTLA version we've seen.  I ordered the Sideshow Indy today but other than those two figures, I'm probably out.  Oh, saw a snap of the Ark from Hasbro but haven't read up on it a mail-away?  I need to look into that, I might be up for it.

Not buying anything in the Marvel or DC lines. 

GI Joe - I want a couple of the comic 2-packs coming and I'm intending on sending in for Doc.  Other than that there are a couple Fan Club items I want, all in the 12" scale.  After buying into quite a few figs early on I'm thinking I won't buy many more.  Maybe one or two more favs like Lowlight or or Recondo when/if they get to them.

There are some other cool things I've seen photos of coming out of TF but nothing that looks to be a must have.

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Re: 2008: What Are You Collecting?
« Reply #125 on: February 19, 2008, 09:53 PM »
Hoping to cut back big this year:

Star Wars: Sticking to just Galactic Heroes & Hasbro.  Still lots of stuff coming out this year, but should be fewer figs than '07.  Hoping to find the strength to skip the new animated line.  Really looking forward to all the two-packs, though  I wish most weren't exclusives.   ::)

Transformers: I still like my alternators better than the classics coming out and don't even like Galvatron that much.  Might have to go back and buy a MP Megatron and will have to get a MP Grimlock if I can

Marvel: Couple of Wave 4 figs of interest and will probably get the Elektra/Ronin 2-pack.  New She-Hulk looks pretty good and will probably get most of the Iron Man line.  Still undecided on the 4" line without having seen them.

DC: 4" line looks good - might get a handful of these.  The 6" Wonder Woman looks like a keeper too.

GIJoe: Baroness - just getting a few of the females for customs

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Re: 2008: What Are You Collecting?
« Reply #126 on: February 19, 2008, 10:44 PM »
SW Hasbro - down to just single figs and only what I want.  Going to try and cut back on the figs that I might buy and figs I already have.  Carded stuff aside from vintage is done unless they do a VOTC Jawa or DSC.  Digging the astromechs :-X

Sideshow/Master Replicas
1/4 Scale Indy - maybe.
MR Vader helmet - maybe
MR Stormtrooper helmet - maybe
MR Obi Wan weathered hilt (2500 edition size) - probably

still keeping up on OT and haven't made any progress on the missing CW pieces.  Not sure if I'll ever get them. 

down to OT only so not seeing much coming for the next year unless they slide some OT chase into the PT series'. 
Have made arrangements for a Blue Stars and Maul speeder bike set.

Gentle Giant
dwindling - some busts, maybe a maquette or two; bustups possibly to keep up.

Marvel Legends
Spidey's Friends & Family box set.  FFF and maybe a fig or two here or there.  I'm pretty complete.

DC Classics Limited stuff here; BAFs may cause me pain  

Indiana Jones - plan is for 3/75" figs only and only what I want. 

Hot Wheels
40th anniversary of Hot Wheels, so I'm bound to continue the Firebird/Camaro/Mustang stuff.  Classics series 4 is coming out, so we'll see on that.  Cheap line though, so nice that way.

McFarlane - mostly just waiting on Kirby

NECA, etc. - what catches my fancy. 

Three weeks into FEB and I haven't spent too much.  If I manage to get around to selling by year's end (two local cons) I may for the first time in a very long time re-acquire more money than I put out.  I'd guess I have about $-5000 of stuff to unload and that's at severely knocked down prices.  Even if I get only $2K out of it, I'd be happy.  

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Re: 2008: What Are You Collecting?
« Reply #127 on: February 20, 2008, 12:02 AM »
Star Wars
Hasbro: Picking and choosing now until July. I plan on picking up everything in the Legacy Collection (damn you, Build-A-Droid!) and several of the $20 Clone Wars Vehicles. I plan on skipping all animated figures, including the AT-TE. Exclusives I'll pick and choose... definitely looking at a couple A-Wings, a Rancor or two, and one of each of the smaller sets (Order 66, BAD, etc.)

Lego: I might pick up some prequel and OT sets, but I'm not too sure yet. They sure do look fun and tempting. The MTT looks awesome.

Other Lines:

Indiana Jones: I plan on amassing a platoon of about 20 various Hasbro Germans with some vehicles (2 Trucks, 2 Jeeps) I'm going to pick and choose stuff from the first three movies, and pass on the KOTCS stuff.

Cloverfield: Putting in my preorder for the Hasbro monster toy tomorrow, and I have no intentions of cancelling. Jeff's Toyfair pictures sold me on that one.

Neca: I hope to pick up a few figures here and there, such as a Predator and the Jigsaw killer from Saw. 

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Re: 2008: What Are You Collecting?
« Reply #128 on: February 20, 2008, 09:53 PM »
Vintage - A little bit of everything.  I've been venturing off into several lines and plan on adding to all them (and more, maybe).  :)

Indy - I'm sure I'll collect the 4" line but probably nothing more.

GIJoe - Any new figures that were originally released from 1982-1985.  And seeing what I have recently, I think this will be light on my wallet.

Hellboy 2 - I'm fairly certain I'll pick up a few pieces.  We couldn't take pics of the Angel of Death figure from Mezco and statue from Gentle Giant, but they're amaaaaaaaazing

Super Mario - It's going to be impossible for me to pass up Super Mario figures at $6-7 a piece.  :)

I'm sure I'll pick up a few pieces here and there from other lines, but these are the big ones. 

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Re: 2008: What Are You Collecting?
« Reply #129 on: February 20, 2008, 10:22 PM »
I've cut out most Hasbro stuff in 2007, but I have to say that after ToyFair it's going to be hard to pass a lot of this stuff up.  That being said, I'm probably going to get the comic packs, the O-66 2-packs and a few figures here and there.  I'm pretty sure that I'm going to be buying the Clone Wars figures for my son who will be 4 this year and finally 'qualifies' in my wife's eyes for the recommended age group for the figures.

I'm also all in for Series 8 & 9 of the Star Wars Kubricks line and trying to back fill the empty slots I have in my collection from what's already been released.  Kubricks have become my main focus...

I'm also very interested to see what comes out of Hasbro with the new ForceFX lightsabers.  If they release a decent EP1 Obi-Wan lightsaber, I may have to grab that one to finish my collection!
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Re: 2008: What Are You Collecting?
« Reply #130 on: February 23, 2008, 01:14 AM »
Star Wars- After seeing the wonderful vehicles Hasbro has for the Star Wars line this year, I'm thinking I'll have to get them. I doubt I'll get into the Clone Wars or Legacy lines too much due to price hike and my unwillingness to buy BAF pieces from a line I already have a hard enough time leaving on the pegs.
There are still quite a few pieces I want from the SW line this year, so for me it's back to pick-and-choose like it was in 2006.

GI Joe- This line has taken me. I think I've bought everything so far and what I've seen is far too tempting to pass up. When Hasbro gets the vehicles to shelves, it'll be bloody. But if I pick and choose with Star Wars, I can still stay within some kind of budget.

Transformers- I won't be spending much on these until the new Universe line hits the shelves, but even when it does, I don't think I'm going to go overboard and buy the whole line like I did when the Classics line first hit shelves.

Indiana Jones- After seeing these at Toy Fair, I think these toys need a lot of work. I will get a jacketed Indy and I'll see what happens from there.

Then, of course, I'll pick up a few pieces of other stuff I like. I try to stay with just these three lines, and that's plenty expensive.
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Re: 2008: What Are You Collecting?
« Reply #131 on: February 23, 2008, 10:37 AM »
Star Wars: I'm cutting back dramatically.  The price hike and the animated line make that easy enough.  I'll only be buying what I want, and there's not a whole lot of that.  Basic figs and battle packs and Evolutions sets are kind of where I'm at, if I like them.  I will be buying the AT TE though.

Indy: I thought I was in deep with this but like Ben said, it needs some work.  So I'll buy an Indy and probably the Marion 2 pack and then we will see.

GI Joe: Very selective here.  The more repaints/What the hell? they do the better for me.  I have a short list of things I really want them to do from when I was a kid and then I'm done.

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Re: 2008: What Are You Collecting?
« Reply #132 on: February 23, 2008, 12:24 PM »
Star Wars: I will definitely be cutting back as far as the basic figure line goes. I know I'll be buying some of the vehicles shown at Toy Fair, a ton of the Wave 1 army builders, and the entire Legacy Clone Wars wave. I'm considering buying the FU wave too but I'm not sure yet. Instead of basic figures, I will be focusing on Mighty Muggs this year! I'm really into that line, as much as some here are into Kubricks. Oh yeah, speaking of Kubricks, I can rarely buy them anymore but I really like Series 9 so I'll probably end up getting that set.

Indiana Jones: I will not be a completist, but I will be buying a lot of this line.

Heroes: I can't afford to get into this line as much as I had hoped to, but I will still buy my favorites. I really hope they make Niki and HRG!
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Re: 2008: What Are You Collecting?
« Reply #133 on: February 23, 2008, 12:30 PM »
I really hope they make Niki and HRG!

I just found out they are! Well, now I've got a new toy line.   :D :-\ ;D
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Re: 2008: What Are You Collecting?
« Reply #134 on: February 23, 2008, 03:53 PM »
Star Wars: I'll collect bits and pieces of the first two 2008 waves, some vehicles and comic packs, but I'll likely stop collecting after the first Legacy and CW waves. I'm really only interested in OT and some EU, and it looks like the rest of 2008 is going to be heavily PT/PT-era EU.

Indiana Jones: I'll dabble with this line, I'll probably only pick up one or two Indys and some army builders (Germans, Soviets, etc).

GI Joe: this line has been really hard to find at retail for me, but I'll probably still try to pick up some single carded figures and comic 2-packs. That Trubble Bubble/RAM 2-pack looks great, that's definitely on my list of "must buys".

McFarlane Halo 3: I'll likely only pick up Cortana from Series 1, as it looks she might fit in well with my Joyride stuff.

NECA/Cult Classics: I'll probably just pick and choose 7' figures from my favorite movies.