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Re: 2006: What Are You Collecting?
« Reply #75 on: June 25, 2006, 05:28 PM »
2006. I promised this year would be different for me and it has. I stopped collecting on a bunch of lines including Muppets, Sportspicks (though I make an exception for certain teams--Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins, Celtics), and WWE figs (with the exception of certain Classic Superstars).

My focus is back to Star Wars. The line that opened a Pandora's Box for other toy lines. I collected SW stuff back from 1996 until 1999. I started collecting Kubricks since the start of the year thanks in part to a pair of my friends who were heavily into collecting them. They drew me into the Kubricks line and back into the foray of collecting (much to my wife's dismay). I almost have complete sets (sans the chase figures) of Series 3-5 of the Star Wars line and I ordered my first Box of 12 a few weeks back for upcoming Series 6.

I'm gonna stick to this plan for awhile. I don't think I'll ever get back into collecting basic SW 3.75" figures. Plus the Sideshow 12" line isn't really appealing to me. I'd rather collect their Premium Format line which is very expensive, but the product is fantastic. What it all comes down to is space issues. I've got POTF2 figures sitting in my closet from my KB Toys days (I actually kept the cases that they were originally shipped in and use those boxes as storage for my MOC figures). They take up quite a bit of space considering I have about 7 boxes chuck full of SW figs.

The nice thing with the Kubricks is that I could care less about opening them up. It's my first and only time that I've ever opened up figures since I was a kid. You know feels great. There's a certain feeling that's hard to understand opening up those figures for the first time. But regardless, I'm sticking with what I'm collecting this year. Here's hoping that it doesn't change for 2007. :P

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Re: 2006: What Are You Collecting?
« Reply #76 on: July 24, 2006, 02:48 PM »
Well, after seeing the offerings at Comic-Con for the rest of this year - and a peek at 2007 - its time to again take a look at what I'm going to be collecting.  There were some higher end lines that I really wanted to get into further (Sideshow 12", MiniBusts, Kubricks), but with what is on the way from other lines, I just don't think I can afford it.

Star Wars
Basic Figures - I'm likely in it til the end with these, and there's some neat stuff on the way.  Vehicles/beasts/etc. on a case by case basis, leaning more towards OT ships I don't already have.

Unleashed (7") - There's been rumors of more, but at this point it just sounds like repacks.  If new figures start up again, I'm in - again probably just OT to keep it more limited.

Galactic Heroes - This looks like it will be continuing, and I'll continue to pick up any new OT packs.  We'll see about PT, maybe a few ROTS ones depending on what it is.

Legends/Classics/Origins - Between ToyBiz and getting a peek at Hasbro's offerings, this line seems to be continuing on in a good fashion.  I'll continue to pick and choose from the Legends, pick up any Spidey villains/supporting characters they produce - as well as a couple of the different costumed Spideys and movie figures.  I might be tempted by that "Superhero Squadron" line, a GH-styled Marvel line.

DC Superheroes - The stuff shown at ComicCon looked pretty spiffy, and I plan to continue on with many of these.  Since they are focused on two of my DC favorites, Superman and Batman, much of it sounds pretty good to me.  I'd really like to see this license expanded to the entire DCU though, then I'd be in for more most likely.  I have bought much of the JLU line, but I'm debating if I'm going to continue.  Quite a character selection though.

Other Lines that Are Tempting
Sideshow 12" - That Jabba set up looks amazing, and I wish I could afford it.  I've thought about just going the OT route with these, but I'm not sure if I can afford to.  Lots of stuff coming from Hasbro this and next year in both the Star Wars and Marvel areas, and that might eat up a lot of collecting budget.  Plus, I'd always feel incomplete without Jabba, and there's no way I could ever talk the Mrs. into that one :).
Mini Busts - Have Han, preordered Chewie - wouldn't mind getting some more OT ones.  I might preorder the Jedi Luke when it comes up, and we'll see beyond that what I can afford.  Wish I could have grabbed the Yoda and Vader when they were cheap on Amazon.
Master Replicas - I'm still determined to get a Luke FX Saber, and if they ever make FX Blasters, I'd definitely go for Han's blaster.  Really nice product, just not in the budget very easily.
Kubricks - Just too far behind at this point, maybe a couple here and there.

Aside from a few miscellaneous things (Hallmark ornaments), it looks like I'm basically sticking to Hasbro's offerings (Star Wars and Marvel) with a little bit of DC as well.  I'd really like to collect the Sideshow line, but I really think I'd have to drop everything else to do that.  I don't have quite the expendable income to support it all otherwise.  I'll have to stick with the smaller, cheaper stuff I guess :P.  Anyone else reconsidering things looking towards the future?

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Re: 2006: What Are You Collecting?
« Reply #77 on: July 24, 2006, 03:18 PM »
I'll buy whatever Master Replica puts in front of me (even though I am hoping for some control over signature sabers I already have).   I planned on buying the Sideshow 12" line but so far I have passed on Luke and Anakin.  I will try for Obi-wan on Friday but if that ends in a bust, I might just say screw it and stick with MR only.

Interesting how that worked six months later.  I picked up Anakin from BBTS and ordered all the rest of the stuff SS has offered in this line and dropped Master Replica.  Hmm...who knew that a woman changes her mind on the drop of a dime :-*

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2007: What Are You Collecting?
« Reply #78 on: December 19, 2006, 12:11 PM »
As we end the year 2006, we can start looking forward to 2007.  It seems like a lot of people around here have been finishing or dropping lines, adding in higher end stuff, or just shifting their collecting priorities or focus.  Looking at what we're expecting next year, what are you planning on collecting?

Star Wars

*3 3/4" Line (30th Anniversary Collection) - I'm actually pretty excited for the new line, and so far it looks like repacks might be minimal in the basic line (instead being shifted to "Legends" and battle packs).  We'll see if that holds up, but the first couple waves look pretty good.  I'll be collecting pretty much all the new figures I'm guessing, or at least the majority of them.  I'm in for the OT vehicles/beasts that are new or I missed, and I'm undecided on new prequel vehicles/beasts.  Also, I'll pick and choose as usual with the figures, comic packs, battle packs, etc.   I won't be complete, but I'll probably get some of every sub-line here and there within the 3 3/4" arena.

*Galactic Heroes - I'll continue here as well, mainly focusing on the OT ones again.

*Misc. - 7" Unleashed seems to be wrapping up most likely, so other than that it will probably be the odd higher end thing here or there.  Maybe an FX saber or two (hopefully), maybe a mini bust here or there.  I'll continue to work on my loose vintage collection, but I haven't been able to afford to do that for quite some time now.  Hopefully next year.

Other Lines

*Marvel (Legends, Spidey, etc.) - I'll continue on with this in some capacity, but it really seems like they are wrapping up the characters I really want.  You never know what surprises we might see though.  I'm always into collecting more Spidey stuff too, so I'll grab any new characters/villains there, and probably some of the movie stuff too.  I may pick up some of the "Superhero Squad" figures (like Galactic Heroes), but I'm on the fence there as well.  We'll see.

*DC Superheroes - I'm on the fence whether to continue here or not.  I might pick up some here and there, but far from complete.  It all depends how the funds are, Star Wars and Marvel will take priority.  Plus, I'm trying to pare things down and spend less - and there is a major lack of display space at this point - so this might be a line to go, or be very limited.

Overall, although the lines seem to be similar to last year, I'm continuing to scale things back a little bit.  I'm getting to the point where some areas of my collection are getting closer to being complete (Marvel Legends, Star Wars vehicles), and some lines are likely going away (Unleashed), so I'm trying to just focus in on things.  The main two lines will be the basic Star Wars line, and the Marvel/Spidey stuff.  Beyond that, we'll see what I can afford.  I like the higher end stuff, so hopefully I can pick up a piece here or there.
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Re: 2007: What Are You Collecting?
« Reply #79 on: December 19, 2006, 12:42 PM »
Here's where I see myself heading in the new year... which is once again VERY similar to the last year.   ;)

Star Wars
I'll stick to my basic figures - 2 of each of the NEW basic figures (1 to open, 1 to keep carded), 1 of each of the recards/repaints (to keep carded).  One of each NEW vehicle/beast sculpt, zero vehicle/beast repaints (unless they are well done like the TRU Dagobah X-Wing set).  I'll probably grab a few of the Comic Pack thingies too, but certainly not all of them (no icky Marvel Comic sets for me).  I'll also probably continue to pick up some (but not all) of the Galactic Hero 2-packs to stash away for the boys. 

No Unleashed, no Master Replicas, no Gentle Giant busts or Bust-Ups, no Code 3 vehicles, no 12" stuff, no Sideshow Statues, no Attakus statues, no Kotobukaiya statues/models, no Die Cast vehicles, no Micro-Machine vehicles, no Action Fleet vehicles, no Jedi Force figures, no SW board games, no Wookiee super-soakers, no more WotC minatures, no Hallmark ornaments, no posters, no replica helmets, no Attacktix figures, no SW plush "buddies", no SW Choppers, no Mini-Unleashed, etc etc etc.

I'll pick up pretty much everything Medicom throws at me related to Star Wars as well as hoping for some more Batman/DC Kubricks (villians and major characters such as Gordon, Alfred or NW).

DC Direct
If they do a 3rd GL wave, I'm all over that.  Otherwise, nothing.

That's about it I guess...
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Re: 2007: What Are You Collecting?
« Reply #80 on: December 19, 2006, 04:29 PM »
2007 will be very similar to what previous years have looked like. REDUCTION!!!!

- Comic books (about the only part of the collection not being changed)

- Keep with the Classic Trilogy and Jedi Knights. Classic Trilogy will only be if it is a "NEW" sculpt and not a repack or rehash (resulting in a lot less figures in package). Jedi Knights are a strictly loose set.

- Imperial army builder figures will still be picked up frequently.

-I will pick up some of the Galactic Hero's for my son.

- I want the coin set and will probably be forced to the 2nd hand market to put it together.

- Ships will be on a case by case factor.

- I will go after the 2 packs (All of them) as I like the Expanded Universe and concept ideas.

- Eventually I will finish putting together the scaled Master Replica's lightsaber set.

All of the following will be reduced if not ended -

Statues, busts, Mini-Busts, posters, artwork, UGH stuff, etc…

Marvel Legends

I am a crossroads on this set since I have stopped reading most “X” titles (still reading Wolverine & Cable/Deadpool). I will most likely stay with the basics such as X-Men figures and Villain’s from X-Men and Uncanny X-Men but will stay away from the Astonishing & Ultimate concept toys.

I will pick up the Marvel version of Galactic Hero’s for the X-Men figures, but that is only because the never made X-Babies for my MOJO figure.


This one isn’t changing at all. Loved the shows, and sad that SG-1 is ending but going to get as many of the toys as possible. I have started making custom figures for this set.

Movie Toys

This collection has always been on a case by case basis. I will finish getting the Pirates of the Caribbean: End of the World figures. All the other toys I get for this set are based on what McFarlane, NECA, SOTA, and the rest put out, and if I liked the movie.

McFarlane Sports

This is my cheapest collection by far and the easiest to maintain. It is St. Louis Cardinals figures; both versions if there is a variant. I have branched out to put together a Minnesota set of a player from each team (Vikings, Twins, Wild, & Timberwolves {even got a North Stars}), but that set is done!!!
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Re: 2007: What Are You Collecting?
« Reply #81 on: December 19, 2006, 05:08 PM »
Lines I'm collecting:
-Star Wars (3-3/4" New Figures (some repaints), PT/OT, armies up to 6)
-Marvel Legends & Classics (Avengers and old school Villains only, way scaled back and I find myself less and less interested in what is coming.  In fact there is probably only 3-4 more figures I want to see that aren't being made yet (Black Knight, Tigra, US Agent and Captain Marvel)
-Kubricks (depends on the Subject Matter)
-Select other stuff (Star Wars Gentle Giant Busts, Bust-Ups and Statues mainly)

Lines that I have in storage that I'm thinking about selling:
-The Simpsons: World of Springfield
-Marvel Minimates
-Misc Kubricks (Mainly Disney)
-Star Wars Vehicles and Beasts

Lines I expect to Pick Up 2007:
-Pee Wee's Playhouse PW Herman

Line I am Sorely Tempted By:
-DC Direct

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Re: 2007: What Are You Collecting?
« Reply #82 on: December 19, 2006, 05:09 PM »
Star Wars - Vintage MOC, loose, 12" and a few scattered vehicles
Flash Gordon - Vintage Mattel
Clash of the Titans - Vintage
Buck Rogers - Mego
Battlestar Galactica - Want to grab a couple of vehicles and multipacks
Non Vintage - I'll continue to pick up a few horror figures here and there

I'm sure I'll pick up a few oddball pieces as well.


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Re: 2007: What Are You Collecting?
« Reply #83 on: December 19, 2006, 09:54 PM »
I'm hoping to begin a collection of the Marvel Legends figures, and since the "new" line will be coming out next year, hopefully I'll be on the same page as everyone else. Other than that, I'll stick to my Star Wars figures.
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Re: 2007: What Are You Collecting?
« Reply #84 on: December 20, 2006, 02:49 AM »
Star Wars- pretty much the same as 2006. All-new figures and repacks/repaints that I want. I only ended up buying half of what Hasbro offered this year. I will buy vehicles/beasts I don't have yet, but there aren't very many. Only the Bantha comes to mind, but I'm sure that there will be surprises in 2007 just as the Snowspeeder and Shuttle were.

Buffy- staying on board with this, though I'm not sure how much further it's going to go. People are dumping figures left and right as of now, and even though there's what's called "season 8" coming soon in comics, the line does feel like it's petering out.

GI Joe- depends. More than likely, I'll get a few vintage RAH here and there, but since I've heard or seen nothing on a future for DTC or the rumored 25th Ann. line, meh.

Transformers- Classics and Alternators, for sure. Very much doubtful on the movie toys, since they look to be a pile of suck, as the kids say. And since both those lines will be on "hiatus" for the movie toys (  ::) ) there won't be much spent on this front. If Hasbro decides to do some G1 reissues again here in the states, I'll be all over them like flies on ****.

I do see myself buying more into superhero toys, be they Marvel, DC Superheroes, and DC Direct. I wasn't sure about Hasbro taking over, but if they happen to offer previous hard-to-find MLs/Classics like Dark Phoenix, Apocalypse, Kang, Dragon Man, and such, they'll be my favorite company ever. Seeing those Spider-Man Origins packs with the movie Green Goblin gives me a bit of hope.

Then there will of course be the usual random crap from NECA, Zizzle, and McFarlane depending on what's offered.
And, I say this every year, but I'd like to go into vintage toys more, but the prices usually scare me away.

I'm not going on with Sideshow Star Wars, though I only have two of them that I'm getting rid of. That's about the only axed line.
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Re: 2007: What Are You Collecting?
« Reply #85 on: December 20, 2006, 09:32 AM »
2007 is going to be a LIMITED year for me. I'm moving into a WAAAAAY smaller apartment to save for a house so collecting is pretty much going on hold for me. I've come to the realization that if I don't buy it now I can still track it down later and probably for cheaper. My only exceptions will probably be The Dark Crystal busts from Plan B... 

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Re: 2007: What Are You Collecting?
« Reply #86 on: December 20, 2006, 04:05 PM »
Star Wars- 30AC

GI Joe- Maybe last wave of DTC, 25AC (If it sees the light of retail), some RAH here and there

Halo- Halo 3 (Hopefully it'll be out by October, as the first wave of Halo 2 was)

Rocky- Various figures from various series, still need to find that damn The Meat though

Pirates Of The Caribbean- At World's End line
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Re: 2007: What Are You Collecting?
« Reply #87 on: December 20, 2006, 04:26 PM »
Star Wars- 30AC
21st Century Toys- 1:18th figs and vehicles
Halo- Halo 3, same as Reid
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Re: 2007: What Are You Collecting?
« Reply #88 on: December 20, 2006, 06:20 PM »
Star Wars & Transformers with a McFarlane fig here and there (non-sports.)  Same ol' habits for the past 6 years and it still stays crunchy in milk.  :P
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Re: 2007: What Are You Collecting?
« Reply #89 on: December 20, 2006, 11:21 PM »
Well i think 2007 for me will probably be just as expensive as this year ended: I think I want to get into more high end items.

Sideshow - All about the Star Wars line. Pretty much all of them. I have been picking and choosing with the LOTR line and have picked up random things along the way. I plan on continuing that.

Gentle Giant - I am doing the animated maquettes

Medicom - Star Wars kubricks of course and Marvel if they ever decide to do another wave. I have also gotten into the RAH so i plan to pick up more of those as well. I will probably do some other random kubrick lines like Spawn.

Hot Toys - I have on pre-order some of the alien and predator stuff for 2007

McFarlane - still only the Jets if they make anymore

Hasbro - Well Star Wars of course and this year its all the figures becuase i am a sucker for the coins. They will probbaly get even more of my money depending on how the Marvel Legends look when they finally come out.

Rocky - As much as i didnt want to buy this line, i enjoy it. I will continue to pick and choose.

Art Asylum - I still but the Marvel Minimates and may pick up a few of the DC ones.

Diamond Select - I will probably continue to buy a few of the Marvel Select figures.

NECA - Master of the Universe Stactions
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