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Starting up a thread for this one...  can't wait as I loves me some Rogue Squadron content!!

This was one of my favorite comics/books that they've come out with and I've always thought was fertile ground for a live action TV series.

I just read the press release so I apologize if there is more information out there. 

I'm curious what timeline this takes place in.  Hopefully its in the Empire days like the comics were.

I also wonder what "feature film" means in today's movie vernacular.  Does that mean its meant to be a theater release / blockbuster, or does it just mean its going to be a roughly two hour "film" that is going to be released on Disney+.

I still think this would be a fantastic series vs. a movie, so I'm hoping this later becomes a running series like The Mandalorian.

Mister Skeezler:
Patti Jenkins is directing (Awesome!) and she tweeted this announcement. I'm ******* psyched for this...

Ugh...can't embed the tweet, so just use the link above ^

Good news so far.

I am beyond impressed with the hiring of Patty Jenkins to helm this project.  Especially after hearing her talk about her father who was a fighter pilot.  Her film credentials stand on their own to begin with, but that perspective of life experience only makes me more impressed that she has signed on for Rogue Squadron.


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