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This seems like just rumor and speculation at this point, but I guess it's nice to know that they (LFL) are still at least trying to make some new Star Wars movies to go along with the endless stream of D+ shows.

I can't keep things straight, but is there anything for the big screen that is still moving forward?  Is the Rogue Squadron movie still happening, or did that get officially killed?

Rogue Squadron was delayed (due to Patty Jenkins schedule), not outright killed. 

I think back in May LFL or KK had mentioned that Taika Waititi's film would likely be the next theatrical Star Wars movie though they really haven't said anything yet for title or release date or anything like that.

Update from Hollywood Reporter:

"Lindelof is writing the new Star Wars script with Justin Britt-Gibson, a young and rising writer who worked as an executive story editor on Guillermo del Toroís vampire drama, The Strain, and wrote episodes of Starzís The Counterpart, a series that deals with parallel dimensions and starred J.K. Simmons."

"sources say that the story would take place after the events of 2019ís Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, although it would not be a continuation of the Skywalker saga. It could, however, feature some of the characters from the Star Wars trilogy made in the 2010s."

Dear God.  Anyone but Lindelof...he's a terrible writer.


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