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Other Collectibles / The Fowndry: Original Stormtrooper Decanter
« on: December 18, 2016, 09:50 PM »
This bad boy arrived safe & sound all the way from the UK.

Mine was a preorder for Oct end & now they are so popular, they are back ordered. If you don not have one for your bar, you needs this... so cool!   ;D

Original Stormtrooper Decanter

Original Stormtrooper Shot Glass

Welcome to my May the 4th be with you vintage sale.

Up for sale, various carded vintage figures & what not from my personal collection. All are MOC & some have odd card creasing, bubble dings & sticker tears. Bubble cracks will be noted with the figure as with bubble lifting.

These will be up for sale for 1 month only so act fast. All prices are in US dollars & do not included shipping. Prices are not set in stone, best offers will be considered. The more you buy, the more you save & I do combine shipping. Please note that I am from Canada so shipping can be a tad high thanks to the postal system. These will be packed with utmost care. I will not be held responsible for damaged parcels do to the postal system crushing & tossing parcels. Insurance is up to you!

Star cases are available upon request at no charge. I have 15 cases so take into account if you buy more figures, the parcel gets larger.

All PM’s are on a 1st serve basis & no items will be held. I take all forms of payment but prefer PayPal, it’s much faster. You pay the fees 4% or send funds as a gift.

Also note that due to my job shift schedule, I will only mail out on my days off.  Thanks for looking.  :)

ESB Imperial Commander. 45 Back.  $60.00.

ROTJ Rancor Keeper. Canadian. $45.00.

ROTJ Mexican Vader. $125.00.

12 Back Jawa. Has bubble lifting, not removed from card. $200.00.

12 Back R2-D2. Bubble dent & bubble lifting on top corner & bottom corner. $375.00.

POTF B-Wing Pilot. $60.00.

POTF Luke Poncho. $80.00.

POTF Leia Poncho. $80.00.

POTF Amanaman. $220.00.

POTF Luke Stormtrooper. $350.00.

Ewoks Logray. $60.00

Ewoks Dulok Shaman Canadian. $60.00.

Ewoks King Gorneesh Canadian. $80.00.

Ewoks Dulok Scout. $60.00.

Ewoks Urgah Lady Gorneesh Canadian. $60.00.

Ewoks Wicket A Warrick. $120.00.

Droids Jord Dusat. $80.00.

Droids Kez-Iban. $60.00.

Droids Thall Joben. $90.00.

Droids Uncle Gundy Canadian. $120.00.

Droids A-Wing Pilot. $375.00.

Droids Sise Fromm. $300.00.

Droids Tig Fromm. $250.00.

Droids R2-D2 Canadian. Cracked bubble, small piece missing. $300.00.


Droids C-3PO Canadian. $300.00.

Canadian Plush Regal Jawa incomplete. Missing the bandolier & pouch. Squeaker works.  $140.00.

Ewoks Preschool Wicket Fireman 1st Shot. $40.00.

Custom Vlix cast from an orginal Vlix by Ryan (Bantha5). Very rare & IIRC, only 16 were made. This is the best casting of Vlix, better than eBay or the Poon’s Vlix. Marked on the bottom feet #10 & REPO so it can’t be passed as an original. $400.00.

Star Wars Celebrations / Star Wars Celebration VII: Anaheim Hotels
« on: August 6, 2013, 07:39 PM »
Not sure WTF the site is doing with hotels thus far. This banner was in my email today from Star Wars Celebration Anaheim & is not showing on the site as with the countdown timer for tickets.  ::)

With past Celebrations in Orlando, the Rosen Centre was the host hotel. 2 major hotels are close by the Convention Center, the Marriott & the Hilton. Guessing the Hilton will be the host hotel as a tad closer. Still a few other hotels close by those those that are on the budget & no doubt will cram members in the rooms to keep the costs down.

Overhead view of the Convention area. Disneyland just across the street top.

A couple online brochure grabs of hotels in the area. Not the best & will add a link & list of hotels close by.

Hotels Within Walking Distance of the Anaheim Convention Center

Hotel List:

Disneyland Hotel - 990 Rooms
Disney's Grand Californian Hotel - 948 rooms
Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel - 489 rooms
Hilton Anaheim - 1,572 rooms
Anaheim Marriott - 1,031 rooms
Sheraton Park Hotel - 490 rooms
Hyatt Regency Orange County - 654 rooms
Best Western Stovall's Inn - 289 rooms
Anabella Hotel - 336 rooms
Residence Inn by Marriott Anaheim Maingate - 200 rooms
Castle Inn and Suites - 249 rooms
Motel 6 Anaheim Maingate - 230 rooms
Clarion Hotel Anaheim Resort - 284 rooms
Red Lion Hotel Anaheim - 314 rooms
Doubletree Guest Suites Convention Center - 252 rooms
Embassy Suites Hotel Anaheim South - 375 rooms
Residence Inn Anaheim Resort Area - 200 rooms

Hotel List for 2014 NAMM Show

Link above has list of hotels & odd prices for rooms to get an idea. Hopefully when the hotel booking come online for the Con, they offer some kind of discount.

For those that have been to Anaheim, any information for members on the better places to stay at would be great.  :)

Star Wars Celebrations / Star Wars Celebration VII: Ticket Sales
« on: July 28, 2013, 05:23 PM »
Tickets go on sale August 7, 2013 at 7:00 AM Pacific!

Ummm, so yeah... beat the rush... why so damn early? The con is just less than 2 yrs away!

I am looking for someone in the LA area that can pick me up 2 Space shuttle Endeavour patches from the California Science Center store. I don't want to use eBay as they are going for more than what they are worth. There are two types of patches, woven patches are $4.99 a piece & the fully embroidered version are $7.99 a piece. Just need 1 of each.

Any help on acquiring these for my space collection will be very grateful. 

I am just a PayPal click away for these. Shoot me a PM if you can help out. Thanks.  :)

Conventions / Dragon*Con Atlanta 2011
« on: June 29, 2011, 03:07 AM »
Anyone going to Dragon*Con in Atlanta in September 2-5th, 2011? It's the 25th anniversary & this will be my 1st time seeing this con... looking forward to it!  ;D

Now that the auctions are over, was watching this late last nite. Debbie Reynolds had 3 Star Wars posters up for grabs & not to mention one hell of a personal collection of assorted costumes, pictures/posters & props from the Gloden Era...  :o

Debbie Reynolds: The Auction

2011 February 6th sale schedule KUBRICK Special No.332 KUBRICK dozen [beidadagoba] Ver. Distribution price ¥1,575 (including tax) - Total height approximately 60mm - Dozen [beida] with planetary [dagoba] KUBRICK conversion! - Blister card specification! - Domestic 1000 limitations (meeting place sale: 500/net sale: 500) Sale origin/corporation [takaratomi]

Watto's Junk Yard / MOVED: What happened to the Bertby?
« on: September 30, 2010, 09:35 PM »
This topic has been moved to Other Collectibles

Gentle Giant / Gentle Giant Jumbo Vintage Kenner Figures
« on: July 23, 2010, 03:21 PM »
Also posted from the other site from SDCC, can you say $1000. for all them? Lucas... hook... line & sinker!

Celebration V: Orlando / Collector Panels
« on: May 30, 2010, 10:30 AM »
Once again at Celebration, Gus Lopez is bringing back the Collector Panels with new & exciting panels on vintage & modern collecting. Looking forward to these & whatever the exclusive collectibles will be for the randon give-aways.

Animation Collecting: The Holiday Special to The Clone Wars
From the Star Wars Holiday Special, to the Droids and Ewoks Adventure Hour, to The Clone Wars television series, animation has played a large part in expanding the stories of the Star Wars universe. Join collector Shane Turgeon as he explores the animated history of Star Wars, discusses the differences in traditional and modern animation, and covers the wide variety of animation art available to both the casual and experienced animation collectors of all eras.

Food Collectibles
Food collectibles represent one of the largest, oldest, and most diverse categories of Star Wars treasure hunting. There have been over 10,000 different food-related packages, premiums, and store displays from hundreds of promotions in over one hundred countries. Food collectibles can be challenging to track down due to their short lifespan and national, or even regional, differences. Most fans are familiar with recent promotions from soft drink and fast food companies, but who knew that there were Star Wars promotions for hot dogs, peanut butter, cheese, mustard, fish flakes, and even dog food? Come see examples of obscure food collectibles from all over the world in this fascinating panel presented by Jonathan McElwain.

The Empire Strikes Back in Trading Cards
Cathy Kendrick and Andy Dukes celebrate thirty years of collecting The Empire Strikes Back on cardboard, paper, and stickers. This presentation will explore the many trading card and sticker sets created around this film from 1980 through today. Tips on collecting and enjoying these unique collectibles will also be discussed.

The End of Star Wars Collecting?
Shrunken heads, baseball cards, trolls, stamps and coins, Beanie Babies, Star Wars... There are thousands of collecting hobbies. History has shown that all hobbies follow a predictable evolutionary path ending with their disappearance. The only difference is how quickly that inevitable end arrives. What does the future hold for Star Wars collecting? Is the end near? Or will Star Wars buck the historical trend and last forever? Collectors Martin Thurn, Charlie Marcus, Elling Haug, Isaac Lew, and Mark Salotti will draw on the wisdom and experience of three generations of Star Wars collectors to offer answers these questions and more.

More will be added as we get colser to Celebration.

Vintage Kenner / Gus And Duncan's Guide To Star Wars Prototypes
« on: May 27, 2010, 09:59 PM »
New book coming out. Must have this one, hopefully copies are on sale at C5!  8)

Gus And Duncan's Guide To Star Wars Prototypes

New book on Star Wars prototypes

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