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Ya Hear about A wookie (Spoiler maybe)

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Jesse James:
Announced today that Peter Mayhew will be reprising his role as Chewbacca for E3.

I can't say I'm happy to hear this...  Sure his age is able to allow him to fit in, but I hate the "Need" Lucas has to tie everyone we already know to everyone we want to know more about.

It diminishes the story somewhat...  Tarkin I'd have liked to have seen as a young upstart politician/supporter of Palpatine in the opening years of the Empire/end of Clone Wars.  I'd also come to accept teh droids...

How will they incorporate Chewie into this though, and him not remember/know anythhing that's going on?

What makes him NEED to be tied into this?

Nothing I say, and he could've just been the character we've grown to love as is.

Oh well...  Lucas's gig, he can trash it however he pleases.

Jesse James:
And let me make note that this is the definition of irony! :)

I come here to the site because I'm sorta gonna be here in some "Official" capacity and maybe gonna mod/help out, and yet I screw up and post in the wrong forum!



Sorry Ewok...  

I saw Prequal and went right for it, not even seeing a separate section for spoiler material.  

I just saw the report and agree with you Jesse, I think it is a stupid idea.  There is a fine line of nostolgia that needs to be walked with the films and having the walking carpet come back makes no sense to me.

The only OT charcters that should be around are:


PErhaps I can see:
Mon Mothma
Other rebel leaders
Bail Organa (who was a speck on Alderaan)

It's enough that the droids are in the prequels (still haven't reconcilled that Anakin built 3P0), and eventhough I like chewie, I think a young Tarkin would be a better fit. He needs to be established as a ladder climbing, back-stabbing military-politician so that when we see him on ANH, we'll realize how power hungry he was, and how stupid and clumsy.
BUT GL probably has a few tricks up his sleeve hopefully he WON'T let slip!

This story just made the front page of this morning!  Pretty cool...

Here's the link to the direct story (a brief one) in their entertainment section - 'Star Wars' fave Chewbacca back for 'Episode III'


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