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Grey Vader on Orange Card

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As I've been digging into the various Vader variants, I've come across what would appear to be the "holy grail" of modern Vader collecting.

The grey-armoured Vader is believed to be an early sample, likely from Asia.  I've read that there are only 3 or 4 known to exist and one was recently sold on eBay for $2600.  :o

I have a feeling this will be the last figure to be added to my Vader focus.  ;)

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All I can say is wow.

Something new to add to my "usless, but interesting knowlege" section of my brain.  :P


--- Quote from: Darth_Anton on March  5, 2006, 05:53 PM ---Something new to add to my "usless, but interesting knowlege" section of my brain.  :P

--- End quote ---

I aim to please.  :-*

Yep thats the illusive asian grey vader.  I have a pic of it from an old catalog previewing the potf2 line before they came out showing this vader.  It is unknown how many there actually are but yes I believe the count now is 4-5 known to exist.  That last one that sold was from a guy on's collection swjunk.  He just got it a few months ago and had been searching for it forever.  I still dont know why he sold it.  The others are in private collections and the owners are holding on to them for dear life.

2600 for a variant! wow


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