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I just sent in my order form a few eeks ago so it will probably be awhile until mine comes.  This is a really great idea though, word on the street is that Stonecutters will be the next mail away premium ;)

Oh crap. He's already shipping? I better send my stuff in then to get me one. Thanks for the update. :)

You have plenty of time, all B-Sharp offers end of '03 I believe.  I just received my second Homer for Morgbug a week ago...I think there will be plenty to go around

Not sure if all of you have seen this yet or not but here is my Simpsons swag ;)

Main Street

Shelf 1

Shelf 2

Shelf 3

Shelf 4

Shelf 5


Wave 12 carded pics are up over at the SCS

I actually am not looking forward to these figs too much but I really want 13 (Hawking and Kashmir) and 14 (Luigi and Miss Hoover)


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