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Thomas Grey:
I have heard that this Luke figure comes with a blast burn on his hand.

What hand is it if this is true?

Were there any that did not come this way?

help me please...

Jesse James:
Hey Thomas,

I've heard of variants without the blast mark, can't say I've seen one though.

The Luke is essentially identical to the Tatooine Complete Galaxy Luke...

The right hand is the hand with the blast mark, and it's also a poseable hand.

I forget if the CG Luke had a blast mark or not now though.  That figure may not, but I'm totally forgetting if it does at the moment.

There is a blast mark on the hand.  This version is quite similar to the Tatooine Complete Galaxy version, but there are some differences.  Most notably, the Luke that's packed with the Skiff has bendable knees.

Mine has a blast mark on the hand, but I have heard that versions were released without it.  I can't say for certain however.

Mine has the blast mark on the right hand.


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