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Orange Card w/hologram

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These were a one time focus for me. If anyone has these for sale drop me a line.

 Any way. It seems to vary on what may or may not actually be in circulation. There are many people who have differnt list of characters released this way. Plus there have been many faked. Thomas's list is the one I see the most but I have also saw others listed such as a foreign carded C3PO and a holo carded tuskin raider. I can not say if these were genuine or not. It was an ebay sale.It seems that the makers played alot with the red release. factor in the other variations such as square cards, SUB's  bubble variations we may never really know what these guys released. My advice though with holo cards buy from respected dealers or sellers since these can be faked very easily.

Hung Solow:
These were easy to fake.


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