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Orange Card with Holo sticker?

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I found a POTF2 Stormie on an orange card and with a holo sticker for $4.

Every thing looked genuine and was numbered .0000 for production. Card was in near mint condition.

Is this a rare variant?  The sticker was not a re- app and the dealer didn't know Star Wars products at all.

LMK what you guys think of this.

Orange cards with holo stickers are definitely tricky to find, so I'd say $4 was a nice deal.  I think the reason is a lot of people just aren't looking for them these days, but I'd love to find a OC Vader with the holo sticker.

How "rare" is it really?  Personally, I can't say for sure, but it's a cool find nonetheless. 

The stormtrooper, obiwan, and yoda weren't too hard to find back in the day.  I found all three at retail.  There are several others that were tough to get.   The next easiest to find would prolly be the r2.  It ONLY came on a canadian card with a slanted/stand up bubble however (anything else is fake)  There's also a leia, vader, tie fighter pilot (i think) and maybe one or 2 others and they can all be proven to be legit by having a certain datestamp(only a few people know these datestamps and are reluctant to tell as they are so easily faked).  I also recently saw a pic of a lando with a slanted bubble and holo sticker (CRAZY and only one has ever been found)

Edit:  My count for these in my collection is:
2 stormtroopers
1 obiwan
1 yoda
1 canadian SUB r2d2

a picture of my OC Leia with hologram sticker (date stamp verified)

Darth Jaxx:

--- Quote from: JesseVader08 on June 14, 2006, 10:02 PM ---... but I'd love to find a OC Vader with the holo sticker.

--- End quote ---

Amen, my brother!  8)


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