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I'm not sure if this was on every set they had (since there was Jabba's Sail Barge and UCS AT-ST available), but the smaller sets were available for 30% off at my local Toys 'R Us (Newark, DE).

Do you know how long this will last?

I Am Sith:
I was at my local Target tonight and they had the Star Destroyer for $67 and Slave 1 for $35 in the clearance aisle.  Jabba's Sail Barge was still full price, but I'm sure that's the next one to go on the block.

Gah :o  That freakin' ISD runs $149.99 up here.

TRU has the UCS AT-ST on sale for $62.99 tonight through noon tomorrow.  Not a bad deal at all.  Also available online.


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