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9/14 Mega Sale New CW, VINTAGE W9 leftovers, SDCC Indy!!!

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Carded & Loose figures
Vintage Logray 2x $7.50 each
Vintage Keyan Farlander (Ep VI) $10
Vintage Admiral Ackbar (Revenge)x2 $9 each
Vintage Jedi Luke Skywalker (Endor Capture) 2x $6.50 each
Vintage Wicket the Ewok x2 (Revenge) $9 each
Vintage Jango Fett x2 $7.50 each
Vintage Luke Skywalker (Stormtrooper belt) x2 $7.50 each
Clone Wars Captain Rex w/ Jetpack MOC $8
Clone Wars Sgt. Bric (No card or playmat) $9
Clone Wars El-Les (No card) $7
Clone Wars Seripas &8
Clone Wars Tactical Droid from ARMORED SCOUT TANK (No card, die or stand) $7
Clone Wars Droid Attack on the Coronet Clone Troopers Mixer and Redeye $12 Pair - SOLD
Clone Wars Ahsoka's Starfighter w/Season 2 Ahsoka $26
Legacy Captain Typho (No BAD part) $8
ROTS Wookie Copter (No Wookie Pilot) $10
EP1 Flash Speeder $6
POTF2 Ronto $5
POTF2 First Shot R2-D2 $20
SDCC Indiana Jones ROTTLA Huge Outer Box with MOC Indy in German disguise $26 Shipped!
IRON MAN 2 Iron Man $3
Star Wars KOTOR 2 - The Sith Lords $5










Star Wars
Cloth Jedi & Sith Cloaks/Capes
Figure Fodder: Heads, Arms, Legs, Bodies PM me with list/pics/price. I BUY IN BULK!!!))
Weapons, Lightsabers etc Lots (PM me with list/pics/price)
Vintage EP2 Clonetrooper
Vintage Rebel Fleettrooper
Legacy EU Jaina Solo
Legacy EU Jacen Solo
Legacy EU Shaak Ti
Legacy Quinlan Vos from Faie Comic pack (Multiples)
Legacy Beru Whitesun
Legacy Darth Krayt from CP
Legacy/TAC Evolutions Darth Nihilus
Legacy/TAC Evolutions TFU Starkiller Sith Apprentice
Legacy/TAC Evolutions TFU Starkiller Jedi (Multiples)
Legacy/TAC Evolutions TFU Starkiller Sith Stalker
Legacy/TAC Evolutions Mandalore
30th TAC McQuarrie Starkiller Hero
30th TAC Asajj Ventress from CP (Multiples)
30th TAC Dark Woman from CP
30th TAC Quinlan Vos from CP
30th TAC Villie Grilmak from CP
30th TAC Evolutions Butlar Swan
30th TAC Rahm Kota
30th TAC Marris Brood

Also Looking for Evo style Palps any style is fine.

25th 5PK #2 Baroness

Indiana Jones:
TLC Elsa Schnieder xmany

The Golden Compass:
SERAFINA PEKKALA (The Witch Broad in the purple dress)
Mrs. Coulter (Nicole Kidmon)

PM Sent I may have a few things you want please read both messages.

Update with Bumpage! :D


--- Quote from: Captain J Sparrow on March 12, 2007, 07:27 AM ---Hi I sent off the items 2 weeks ago wheres my items. Hi they came yesterady sorry about that but I was slightly concerened hope to trade with you again after this, hope you got my stuff without any problems and thanks for the odds and ends.

--- End quote ---

Hi Captain,

I had a last minute buisness trip with my job I got asked last minute and had to leave for 6 days. It through me off so I shipped late. This is the first time it happened and I apologize I am usally very prompt but life happens. As always I deliver everything perferct and if we trade again I will be sure to be on top of it better.


NEW TAC stuff fo' trade!


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