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Darth Kenobi:
I was just wondering if the Spirit of Obi-Wan figure was ever released carded in the Hasbro line (Freeze Frame or earlier).  I saw a carded one over at a local toy show and hadn't seen one before and know that the Spirit of Obi was an exclusive of Frito Lays (I think).  I have a feeling that its a custom but just was wondering if one was ever released.

The Spirit of Obi Wan was only a Mail-Away offer & available in the Jedi Spirits 3 pack.

Any carded examples are Fake like this.
Spirit of Obi-Wan Kenobi 93bk ROTJ

Definitely a custom Tom.  There was a much nicer mailing box with pictures and text on it that the Spirit of Obi-Wan figure came out in Europe in, but that's it.  There's also that great custom Cinema Scene of all three Spirits made by a guy out in Japan.

But definitely no Hasbro carded versions (yet)...

I saw one on eBay recently and the guy was up-front about it being a custom.

Personally I really like this sort of thing, if it’s done well. I once had the UK boxed version, and even though the packaging was very cool, I always thought a carded version would have been amazing. Anyways, the custom auction ended for something like 10 pounds, which I thought was a good price for such an interesting item.

Rob :)

There were two different mail-away packages for the spirit of Obi-Wan.  There's the more common plain, white package.  And then, there's a black package with an image of Obi-Wan on it.  That's the one Obi-Robz is referring to.


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