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Dagobah is Naboo?

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Hung Solow:
What could Jar Jar possibly screw up that would do so much damage???

Darth Broem:

--- Quote from: MisterPL on June  9, 2003, 12:12 PM ---George just LOVES recurring themes (IE - hasn't had an original thought in 30 years).

Episode III will feature a prototype Death Star superlaser. This prototype will test its destructive power on Amidala's home planet of Naboo. It won't work to Sidious's expectations, simply destroying all humanoid life. He goes to the designers and demands something that completely reduces the planet to space debris.

The destruction of "Naboo" accomplishes a lot in a short period of time:

- demonstrates the Sith's ruthlessly evil intent
- kills Padme and Jar Jar and the remaining Jedi
- creates a new setting of volcanic ruin for Anakin to battle Kenobi ("This is YOUR fault!")
- echoes Kenobi's sense of death vs. change ("...from a certain point of view." ::))
- explains why Dagobah is such a center of darkness
- gives Yoda a great hiding place

--- End quote ---

Well, that's the best theory I've heard as to why Naboo would become Dagobah.  Good job!

I am not ruling it out but I have a few things that bother me about turning Naboo into Dagobah.
 First LFL is pretty involved in all aspects of what it puts out. Now they finally put out a galactic map of sorts and Naboo and Dagobah are both listed in differnt points if I am not mistaken. That would blow a hole in their universe. I am not saying they wouldn't but I think they would lean towards not conflicting with established items.

 Second. If the new empire wants to show its power and ability to destroy a world and all life forms on it why would they change a planets name. Expecially a well known place. I would think they would exploit the fact that they wiped out all inhabitants of Naboo. I have learned during an online QA session with Zahn that LFL wants all ideas run through them for approval and they keep close restrictions on certain developments of established charactors and places and original connon material.Dagobah serves a differnt purpose. I know its EU but LFL still considers it a big money maker for them. I don't think they want to cause conflicts in established writtings if its possiable to avoid it.

Who knows
 I don't think it will happen but I am not Lucas so your guess is as good as mine until the movies is out.


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