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Nikto Jedi: FOUND! :D

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Yes! I finally found the Nikto Jedi in the movie!  :D  8)

Okay, right after 3PO says "Die, Jedi Dogs!" and you see Nute and Libkath duck, you see a whole bunch of Jedi. Look in the background of that 3 second scene (right before the Jedi girl screams as she chops a Geonosian) and you will see him! He is wearing his cloak (hood up) and looks just like the figure. He is not facing us, and his body is partially covered by a SBD.

I rule!   8) ;D

I played the DVD in slo-mo and was able to take this pic of him for all w/o the DVD/video:

It's him! :D

I don't see anything. :)

Why cant anyone see the pic?! It works for me!

Here's a link:

The picture does not work for me at all. I keep getting a small pop-up window requiring email addy & user name, from MSNUSER .


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