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Nikto Jedi: FOUND! :D

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Angry Ewok:
I dont see it... but I, too, will take your word for it.  ;)

It's working for me! Why must my pictures never work?  ???

If you cant see it, pop your dvd or video in the machine and look for him! ;)

PS. Sorry it wasnt all that "exhilirating" :P


What software are you using to snag the images from the DVD?

Darth Broem:
The newest Insider (Carrie Fisher on cover) has a picture of the Nikto Jedi near the last few pages of the magazine.  There is some sort of question about him.  They gave his name as well.  The last name was Sirch.  I can't remember the first name.  Mildly interesting since I saw that pic this morning and here there is a topic about it.  It was just a picture of his face but it looked like it may have come from the film or a production still?

If you're looking for an image of the 2nd Nikto you can see about half his head on page 159 of "Mythmaking"


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