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Admiral Ozzel - In Ep 3?

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Darth Broem:

Interesting that Admiral Ozzel could be in the film.  Granted he would most likely not be "Admiral" yet.  Think he knows what he is talking about?  I remember that he  once thought that his action figure was coming out to and was telling people this while signing autographs a few years ago.  Never happened.  Well not yet anyway.

This man is smoking dope. Clearly he's confusing himself with Peter Mayhew. His only intent is to increase his own perceived value as a convention guest by suggesting Ozzel's appearance in the final Star Wars film.

"Ozzel's dad." Dream on. ::)

Darth Broem:
Yeah, I highly doubt he himself would be in the film for any reason.  I doubt the "Ozzel" character would be in there at all.  But you never know I suppose it could happen.  

Michael Sheard is quite a famous actor in the UK. I donít see why he canít have a cameo in Episode 3, since all sorts of cast and crewmembers have been given one in the prequels so far. Iím sure lots of British fans wouldnít mind seeing him pop up again, as long as itís in a different role.

Lots of the minor cast of the saga are very famous here, even though they might seem like non-entities in the US. One of our main hospital dramas (itís really just a soap) has Wedge (Dennis Lawson) and Captain Panaka (Hugh Quarshie (sp.?)) starring in it.

Darth Broem:
Oh yeah it's possible he'll get in I suppose.  I was more interested in his comment about a younger version of Ozzel being in the film and what that could mean.  Perhaps we'll see the formation of the Empire in terms of officers, captains, generals, admirals, etc.  Hopefully it means we can look forward to Tarkin making an appearence.  

Things like that.


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