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Droids, and colors... What the dilly... Yo?

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Jesse James:
Hmmm, I'm not sure about the red being a primer base, but only because that underneath damage on droids the base color would be seen, in layers basically...  Similar to damage on a car.

A gash is lined by a primer ring usually, and a base paint ring outside it, and in the center is the shine of the steel...  That's not so on battledroid damage though, it goes straight from paint to metal.  Very simplistic coating.

For who designs the BD's, I have my own opinion that the standard BD has a distinct look (though simple) of a Geonosian...  The elongated head, short/thin torso, elongated limbs...  

I'd always thought then, that Geonosians were the designers of the standard BD, (And since SBD's were being cranked out en masse, I felt they were an improved version based on the BD's past performance in battle).  

I figured the TF and other groups just were in cahoots and bought these armies from the Geonosians, though I'm not sure WHICH guild or union the Geonosians would be then?  If any?  I really REALLY need to pick up the E2 Visual Dictionary and ICS books...  I wonder if they're on clearance yet?

For the droid control ship raid, I was under the impression that the storyboard for the scenario established that the Droid Control ships  no longer controlled droids completely, and they'd be made more independant?  I don't recall where I heard/read that though so I could be wrong.

And I agree that it's EU till in the film, but it does appear likely that improvements may be made in 10 years (or more) of testing.  It'd have made for a crap-tastic battle had the droids just stopped functioning when the droid ships left or were shotdown during their exit of the atmosphere. :)   ***wonders how Gungan-like the Clones would've acted when tipping malfunctioning droids over because teh battle just simply STOPPED***  

Yeesh, perish the thought.


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