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Droids, and colors... What the dilly... Yo?

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Ok,you've convinced me!But,this has always bothered me did the alliance have a continues territory or a few scatterd planets?I'd say that it was a few scattered planets,because it seems like the rebels are always running.And as for the CIS,they do have a set territory,this is evident in the comics,books,games,and ''news reports'' in insider.

Mister Skeezler:
Going back to the original topic, this is how I see it:

*Tan Battledroids are from the Trade Federation's private army.

*Red Battledroids are from the Techno Union's Army.

*Super Battledroids are not painted...yet (we see a Super Battledroid chassis being assembled in the Droid Factory. Anakin's arm and lightsaber get caught beneath it)

*Droidekas are unpainted. Trade Federation or otherwise. We see Droideka parts on the conveyer belts in the Droid Factory.

The fact that the Super Battledroids are not painted may be a result of their new design. We know for a fact that the regular Battle Droid is at least a little more than 10 years old, since we see them in TPM. We also know that the Super Battledroid (referred to by Wat Tambor as "these new Battledroids") is new. We actually see the majority of their construction as Anakin and Padme travel through the factory. There seems to be more involved in their construction than with the regular Battledroids, who seem to be merely assembled quickly from pre-made parts.

Though we're never flat-out told, I beleive that the SBDs in the arena were supposed to be the first time they were brought out. A paint scheme for the Techno Union or any potential customer may not have been agreed upon by that point. I also think that once Obi-Wan was discovered, Dooku, Poggle, and Wat knew they needed to produce as many of these SBDs as possible. Dooku at least knew about the Clone Army...

The techno union droids were some of the big mechs if I recall.

Jesse James:
I've seen it written somewhere who "makes" waht droids, but now I've forgotten the specifics of that...

As for the ALliance planets, I have always agreed with some written material's interpretation...

For instance, the Alliance holds the Mon Calamari system, and it's shipyards...  They're heavily defended/shielded, and the Empire would have a large campaign to undertake should they wish to destroy the shipyards and Mon Calamari...  

That's about as "large" a controlled system inside the realm of Imperial Space that the Alliance controls, and it's basically that they control a system here and there, spreading the Imperial fleet out (and thus thinning any ability they have).

The Alliance DOES have safeworlds though, outside the rim and in unexplored space...  Safeworlds where foodstuffs, and various other products are produced and shipped inward to the conflict.

The further you get from the core, the more spread out the Empire's resources are as well, making a more even playing field, thus the Alliance keeps mostly to the outer rim and beyond, while they fight various campaigns within the Rim and Interior worlds...

These basically make up any "front lines" of the conflict.

But yeah, I've always felt that the Empire "controls" the majority of the interior, and the Alliance maybe holds a sporatic few planets...  Now by a few, it may be within the hundreds or even thousands of planets/moons, but the Empire is in control of millions of planets, and the majority of these I feel would be loyal.

The Alliance creates fronts randomly though, causing Imperial tactical situations in the galaxy to be shakey at best.  Their "control" could fade on any given planet at any given moment really.

A lot of that was covered in West End Games' old RPG books, and they can cover quite a bit on the Rebel's infrastructure and ordinance issues that aren't as clear and simple as the Empire's.  Good reading for that type of thing for sure.

According to the Official Site's EU, battle droids and super battle droids are both manufactured by Baktoid Combat Automata. However, their affiliations are somewhat different: BDs with the Trade Federation, Techno Union, and Confederacy of Independent Systems; SBDs solely with the Techno Union and Confederacy. This leads me to believe that the BDs are of TF design and the SBDs are of TU design, which would explain any discrepancy in color uniformity.

As for the color differences, in Episode I, I'd always thought that the BDs were steel with a tan paint job with appropriate "rank" colors thrown in for good measure. Check out the battle damage and you can see the metal.

In Episode II, the BDs are such a flat Krylon™ Red color, I'd assumed this was just a primer coating, especially considering these droids were coming right off the assembly line for unscheduled battle.

Camolflaged droids work for me, and the concept actually fits in with Palpatine's theme of overall uniformity since it's the BDs that are replaced by clone troopers. To me, that's been the plan all along, at least for the last ten years or so.

And regarding the deletion of the Droid Control Ship raid, to me that simply implies a film already longer than the director wants it to be and is cut, plain and simple. It may open the door for EU scholars to conclude that the TF learned a valuable lesson from their loss at Naboo, but if the footage is ever restored, on DVD or otherwise, it will always be a subject of debate unless George addresses it directly in Episode III: I, Battle Droid.

(And I'm pretty sure he's got a lot of other things on his plate.)


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