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Padme as stormtrooper!!!

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Here's an image taken at Gentle Giant Studios of Natalie Portman donning a stormtrooper helmet for Episode III during a scene when she escapes to Alderaan:

Clearly this is some sort of pre-production work for a digital stunt double, but isn't it exciting that Luke's mom dressed as a stormie long before he did? Gotta love that recurring theme thing George insists on. I'm so giddy with anticipation!

"Aren't you ridiculously short for a stormtrooper?" ;D

Darth Broem:
Are you joking about this?  That is interesting if true.  LOL!  Yes, very short for a stormtrooper.

You're full of it John!  But funny though.  Nicest bod I've ever seen on a Stormtrooper, that's for sure!  The Empire would've been better off if they cloned that!   8)

Darth Broem:
It would be pretty cool if she was also pregnant and in the Stormtrooper disguise.  Pregnant stormtrooper armor.  Yeah, that would be sweet :)

Yeah, "Aren't you a little pregnant to be a stormtrooper?"

You guys need to go along with me or we'll NEVER be the source of such a ridiculous rumor.  ::)


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