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San Diego Comic-Con 2003

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I'll be there as well (maybe some of us can meet up).

I'm going to be buying as many as I can get for needy members....but I don't want to make any promises up front in case I get the shaft.

Jango Fettish:
I need both Lara's for my girl, if someones buyin'.

So who has a list of all the exclusives that'll be there this year?

I'm wondering if I shouldn't just try to get one of each and then dispense them through the trading boards to the interested parties that way.


--- Quote from: JoshEEE on June 25, 2003, 11:33 PM ---I'll be there as well (maybe some of us can meet up).
--- End quote ---

Sounds good to me Josh!  We'll chat a little closer to the event and try to get something arranged.  Who's going with you, your lady?  Pretty sure Patty will be with me.  What the heck are the dates again anyways...?

I guess if any JD members need exclusives from the show, just mention it here in this thread, and the few of us who are going will see what we can snag for you!   8)

McFarlane Miracleman statue.  
Silver Boba Fett.
Mattel blue and grey Batman.
Muppets Tour Animal Figure (for the missus)
Art Asylum Star Trek Captain Kirk
Mini mate Peter Parker/Mary Jane figure two pack (diamond select)

I know/think Carrie will want the living dead doll.

That should cover it.  I'll expect it all ;D  Not.


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