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ponda barfly:
ladies and gentlemen,

i wish to annouce that tomorrow i will be collecting my aunt beru figure that i won on ebay, i have lusted after this figure since i saw it released, yet she has always beenout of my grasp, soon...within  the next few hours she will be mine and i cannot contane my excitment, she is the reason i started collecting almost (in terms of the new wave)help i will not sleep


Did ya just have a thing for the blue milk?  ***hick!***   :P

Are you feeling OK Barfly?  You're scaring the hell out of me.   ;)

Guess it took you quite a while, but good score on the ol' Beru figure Neil!  She's one of my favorites from the POTF2 line as well!  Probably 'cause she's one of those characters that was never produced in the vintage line, so the added wait for her made it that much more satisfying when she finally arrived.  As well as the fact that she came with the cool (again never-before-made) Treadwell Droid, along with the trademark Blue Milk!   8)

Great figure, so I'm glad you finally tracked her down!  Now hopefully Hasbro will resculpt her Uncle Owen counterpart, 'cause that one from the Purchase of the Droids Cinema Scene 3-pack really sucked!  Give the lady a new (blue) milk man, eh?!   :-*

Jango Fettish:
That entire "Flashback" line for POTF 2 was something great. Kind of like a precursor to the POTJ + Episode 1 lines, cuz although they were mass produced, Ep. 1 did make a few monumental figures,sculpt wise.

Beru's got that cool service droid too.


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