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I know that feeling well!  I wasn't going to collect any POTJ figures until I saw that they were making R2-Q5.

In the hopes of getting this new droid, I went to store after store, day after day.  Each time, I was coming home with different POTJ figures that weren't the all elusive droid.  The droid got me into POTJ, but I couldn't find him anywhere!

Finally, with the Zutton wave out, I caved and bought Tessek, Lando, Jar Jar, and R2-Q5 on eBay.  The anticipation was great, and when he finally arrived, I rejoiced.

Bravo Barfly.

ponda barfly:
well after some delay she arrived today in excellent condition, and now takes pride of place among my collection, also got wuher(comtech) with her so i am very happy



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