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Darth Broem:
Apparenlty Hyperspace has or had some picture of Anakin with a Vader glove on his hand.  I guess he has long hair as well.  Anyone seen this yet?  Does Anakin/Hayden Christensen look ok that way or dorky?  

I haven't seen any pictures yet, but I sure would love to.

Darth Broem:
Over at Rebelscum in the SAGA area (yeah in the SAGA area for the time being) is the picture.  It's interesting.  Anakin looks like he has Luke's hair right after Luke takes off his Stormtrooper helmet.  Seriously, it looks like a 70's longer hairstyle.  
He is pointing or something with his index finger up and looks like he is talking to someone.   This is his right hand with a Vaderesque looking black glove.  
I am sure some people are going to hate the hair.  
Oh I should get the link shouldn't I?  Ok, wait a minute and I will

Ok, here it is;f=36;t=006682

Yes, I hate the hair. Hopefully it will look better in other shots. But he's so young he looks like Darth Baggins.

When I read "long hair" I was thinking Qui-Gon long, not this. Ugh. Give that boy a top-knot!


--- Quote from: Darth Broem on July  2, 2003, 04:54 PM ---Oh I should get the link shouldn't I?
--- End quote ---

Ah, what the hell...  SWIPE!  (this might not be here for long, so get your peeps in while ya' can!)

Yep, pretty weird looking 'do there, alright!   :-\


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