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POTF2 - Important History or Glad It's Passed?

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Anybody out there still enjoy their POTF2 collection?  Or have you been happy to move onto newer things?

I've been trying to tackle my overflowing Star Wars room and will likely sell my carded collection except for POTF2, OTC and possibly the OT component of POTJ.  I seem to keep coming back to POTF2 as something that's important to me because it brought me back into collecting again after enjoying the vintage toys so much as a kid.  There's definitely a level of nostalgia that I don't think I'll ever get past.

I've mentioned before, I wasn't in on the POTF2 from the "ground floor".  I was generally aware of it, and my younger brother had some, but I got in a little bit later on (and then backtracked and picked up the ones I missed).  I've often said that I bet it was a great time to be collecting.  The long break from SW figures, coupled with the nice release schedule where it wasn't nearly a full time job to keep up (as these days) would have made it really a "fun" time to collect I would think.  There's a part of me that wishes it was more similar to that these days.  Sure, many of the figures are almost laughable in their buffness, but I can remember first seeing the Boba Fett and marveling at the detail compared to the vintage figure.

Overall, I don't think I have many POTF2 figures in my loose displays anymore.  Most of them have been replaced with far superior figures at this point, and some just don't fit in at all anymore.  There are some that also hold up pretty well, and are maybe - aside from articulation advances - almost superior to newer figures.  I haven't ever been too much of a carded collector, outside of the VOTC line and a Han/Chewie focus, but I've often thought about picking up a POTF2 carded set of the first original releases (Han/Chewie/Luke/Leia/Vader/Obi-Wan/Stormtrooper/Yoda/Lando/Fett).  Not the entire line, but just a nice set of 12-20 figures.  I do think it is an important part of Star Wars collecting history.  I guess I'm glad that the buff sculpted 5 POA figures are a thing of the past, but the line's tone in general is still appealing to me.  Although I collect most to all of the basic line(s) at this point, there is just something about an OT-focused line with a reasonable amount of releases (not to mention a $5 or less pricepoint) that is really appealing.  I still enjoy collecting these days (and really, the product is better than ever), but it seems like the hobby in general was maybe more "fun" in the POTF2 days.  I always like reading people's experiences during that time.  Nice topic.

This line holds no nostaglia for me because I didn't get back into Star Wars until 2000 - almost a full year after TPM was released.  POTF2 is actually the first that's getting the boot from my carded/boxed collection once I get settled down in the next few years.  Mainly because the figures were are crummy and I just don't care for the design/color of the packaging.

I've been struggling with this same issue myself. Being a younger collector POTF2 is kind of like my vintage. It is what I played with growing up. I loved those figures as a kid (although even then I remember being frustrated by the lack of articulation.) If it weren't for getting some POTF2 figures for my 11th birthday (I had my party opening weekend of the Special Edition) I doubt I would have ever gotten into Star Wars collecting.

Looking back at the quality of that stuff compared to the product that is out now, it really sucked.

I've been starting to thin my collection and am planning on dumping some of my carded collection. I can't decide if I'd want to get rid of my POTF2 stuff or not. I've had no problems replacing loose figures with newer, better sculpts, but I don't know that I want to just getrid of all of it. I feel the nostalgia for it as well. And while there is a part of me that would like to just get rid of it all, I know there is part of me that would always regret doing so.

I'm finishing college and will be moving out of my parents' house within the next year or so, and have really been reevaluating my collecting habits. I don't want to have to move so much crap with me when I go. So I have been trying to cut back to the stuff I love the most. And honestly some POTF2 might make that cut. It will be interesting to see how much I end up keeping.

Ever since I re-did my shelves I've got an all new love of the old ugly figures.  I'm lining up every version of a given figure and for some reason even the crappiest ones seem cool to me in this context - like the Leia's, Lando's and Luke's in this image:


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