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POTF2 - Important History or Glad It's Passed?

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The Freeze Frame run of POTF still remain to me one of the best balanced OT series in the modern lines.  While not the best sculpts by todays standard they are the only Carded Figs I have retained since '95.  The 56 figure collection has it all; good pack-in, great character selection, exclusives plus a few rare figs to boot.   

I have to admit, I am a little "tired" of some of my POTF2 guys.  The vintage figs are what I played with as a kid, so I'll always love those, but the figs coming out these last two years are really fantastic compared to some of the crap from the mid-90's.  On the flip side, we wouldn't have the figs we have today if not for POTF2's success, so its definitely an important part of SW action figure history.  I think over time I'll grow to appreciate these more and more.

Jesse James:
I can't say I honestly care about any of my POTF2 figures that have a newer incarnation...  POTF2 doesn't hold a nostalgia for me really, despite collecting even before the line was launched (I got into vintage SW probably around 1991 or 92 IIRC).  I remember the line coming out gave me customizing inspiration galore as I was doing vintage stuff at the time.  The new line gave me a lot of inspiration since a lot of the figures sucked and were he-mannish.  It at least was something new though, and the he-man figures dwindled pretty fast and gave way to Ponda Baba and other decent lookign characters.

The POTF2 figures I have that are still out are usually things like ASP-7 that still hold up, or 2-1B.  And you know most of that isn't going to get replaced too (Honestly will they make a new ASP-7?  Never!).

That said, eveyrthing else has been put into boxes.  I think I'm going to move them into storage actually, with other things like my childhood toys and whatnot.  There's just no love there for me.  My nostalgia rests with my vintage figures.

Actually, I'd say I long for the day I can "retire" a number of these POS guys.  Fleet Troopers, Dr. Evazan, etc.  They all can toss off just as soon as they get "replaced".  I will however hang onto my Endor Rebels and a couple of my Hoth Rebs because they'll add a little decent diversity I think.

I have a bunch of them...some are displayed, some are not.  I like looking at them to see the evolution of figure sculpts and articulation.

Jesse James:
I like looking to see if I can tell the exact moment Hasbro had a lightbulb go on over their heads.  I think it was somewhere in the FF series.


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