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I've had this forever and don't know what to make of it. It's unique for sure, but I'm not sure how unique. Some think things like this are worthless, others scour the Earth for just this type of item. What has your experience been? Worthless? Or a must have part of a collection?

I tend to like things like that in my collection, but I don't go crazy looking for stuff like that.

As far as adding value to a collection....anything in your collection can do that if you're selling and find the right buyer.

There are some guys out there that go nuts over errors.  You could check around on Rebelscum or post it with a high starting bid on Ebay to see if you get any action on it.

I have a Legacy Trinto that has the correct front card, but the back is all Wioslea.  Not a must have and I have no idea what it's worth, but kind of need to have a few errors like that in your collection I think.  That said, I'd get rid of it easily if I could make a few bucks on it.   ;)

I'd have to agree, it's all about finding the right buyer.  Most people wouldn't be interested, but if it was a Darth Vader, I'd be all over it since it would fit nicely with my focus collection.

You could post it at, since the members there are huge variation/error hunters.  What it's actually worth to one of them, I wouldn't know for sure.  But like I said, if it was a Vader, I'd be quite happy to pay $25 for it.  Certainly not a lot of money, but more than retail. :)

Thanks for the opinions. This is just one of those things that's been sitting around, staring me in the face and that I'm not very interested. I figured it be a matter of finding the right buyer if I wanted to get rid of it. It's just like a the original My Fair Lady cloth cover music book signed buy the writers/composers left in my house when we bought it. We know that it's a semi-rare item worth several hundred dollars, but the hard part is finding the place to get hooked up with the right buyers.


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