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Carrie M:
I just returned from Mexico City from the collectors convention, and just wanted to mention to everyone that if they have ever had any interest in attending, DO IT.

The group of American collectors I was with and myself, several of whom did presentations on different aspects of collecting, were treated incredibly kindly by the Mexican collectors and the organizers of the event and the rest of the staff. We all had SO much fun, and I personally learned a lot. The Mexican fans and collectors that attended the event were so enthusiastic about the hobby, were eager to learn and to share knowledge.  

A few notable presenters were Steve Sansweet, Alejandro Becerra Zoebisch (former product director for Lily Ledy Corp.), and Bob Kling and Tim Effler from the Kenner corp., as well as Gus Lopez, Duncan Jenkins, Todd Chamberlain, Chris Georgoulias, and Joseph Yglesias ( :-*).

One of the people I was with had mentioned that this convention was akin to toy shows of years ago. The really crazy part, which Joe and I were both not expecting, were the requests for him (and several others) to autograph figures and other things, the photos snapping away from all angles, the television interviews, and generally being treated like celebrities. Luckily nobody was confused enough to ask for my autograph.  ;)

Sounds like fun Carrie!  The pics Dustin at Rebelscum took look like a lot of fun and that is neat that everyone was treated like royalty :)

I have never actually been to any sort of con, went to a ton of Sportscards shows though as a lad and this is sort of what I picture.

Any Matazumah's revenge?

Great story!  Did you happen to buy anything "cool" down there in Mexico?  Any pictures to share with us?  And nobody asked you for your autograph?   :-*

Carrie M:
Nope, no Montezuma's revenge, heh. I don't personally have any photos to share, I'm really bad about taking pictures when I take trips.

I unfortunately didn't get much in the way of toys, except for the Hasbro exclusive. I was close to snagging a couple of things, but it didn't pan out.  I'm still looking for the right Ledy Tusken for the right price. He'll come to me someday.  :)

I saw some amazing bootlegs in Mexico, the place was swarming with them, quite a few of which Joe picked up. People were approaching him with bags full o' bootlegs. He got an Ewok bootleg with googley eyes, which was a great find. Sansweet was fawning over that one. He also got an all-sterling silver Stormtrooper bootleg, super nice. Everyone was drooling over these little blue Columbian bootlegs this one guy had, but he wouldn't sell. Talk about a pack of wolves closing in, we were all hot for those.

For you get the Bootlegs
Then you get the Money
Then you get the Women
Then you get the Power


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