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Which death star I wonder!?

I just assumed the first one since it didn't have DSII on it... but that could open some possiblitities, like a dignitary

Hmm, wonder what's going to be in the Death Star one. Seems like we've gotten the Imperials and disguised Luke and Han. And what would be the builder??


--- Quote from: P-Siddy on June 18, 2010, 12:05 PM ---And what would be the builder??

--- End quote ---

Shield generator?  Trash Compactor? 

Chase Dianoga for the vintage nod? 

Just spinning this off into it's own thread...

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--- Quote ---Not only SWKUBDX Series 3, 4 And they were even on display series! !
Desert planet Tatooine, Series 3, Series 4 in the Death Star, ☆ display was exhibited
--- End quote ---

TIE fighter or imperial shuttle? at a stretch although I don't know about scale with these build a figs

Shield Generator  ;D love it!


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