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Mikey D:
Anyone catch The Walking Dead?  Fantastic first episode that had everything anyone could ask for - drama, emotion, hot chicks, gore and zombies (the best looking ones I've seen, especially for a TV series).

Hopefully this gets picked up for a second season, 6 episodes isn't enough.

Should this show get it's own thread?  Granted, it's not for everyone, but my guess is it'll get enough interest here.

I missed the premiere on Sunday night, but I'm going to DVR the replay on Friday night (10:00 PM EST).  I'm looking forward to it and have heard nothing but good things about it so far.

I watched it on Sunday...  I'm not sure I'll stick with it (too many zombie headshots), but I thought it was really good.

Parts of it were scary as hell for me... esp. the part with the dark stairwell at the hospital.  No way would I have gone in there after seeing the stuff he saw in the hallway.

I also loved the overhead shot at the end, swarming the tank... creepy.

What station is this on? A&E, AMC? I remember it has an A  :-\

May have to give it a watch. I think I get those channels.

AMC - the station my wife boycotted because they cancelled Remember WENN.


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