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With the confirmation of 10-12 landing pads used in Episode III,does anyone else think thats overdoing it?I mean,come on,thats like a movie with 10-12 parking lots.

So,what do you think?

Can you possibly go into more detail about what exactly you're talking about?  If you're a Hyperspace member, that's something I haven't seen yet (because I'm not a Hyperspace member) and therefore I wouldn't have a clue to what you're talking about.  

Darth Broem:
Well I don't have Hyperspace either.  I had read that there will be 10 - 12 different landing pad locations or something like that in Ep3.  So, I would conclude there must be a lot of coming and going in the film.  Supposedly there is a lot of planet hopping in this next film to from what we have heard.  So, that may be true about the number of platform scenes.

urban fox:
George has himself said that there will be more new locations in 3 than any other film.  I susspect we will see Alderan, and probably Kysheek (spelling wrong) the Wookie home planet as Chewie and other wookies are in it!

Dustrho,I am a hyperspace member.I was wondering if you think 10-12 landing pads are too many.Does that help?


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