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Obi-Wan...First Pics And His Astromech!

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Two threads in one here I guess...

Check out our first look at the EpIII Kenobi

And check out Obi-Wan's Astromech

I voted for #4 and he is leading by a large margain

Darth Broem:
That's kind of neat that they let Hyperspace people pick the design.  

If I were a Hyperspace member I would have chosen #1.  It looks a little different than your typical R2 units with that striping on it.  The 4th one looks just like any other R2 unit that's been done.

that motorcycle he is with reminds me of Kanedas from Akira in so many ways...
he looks damn the same as always, hehe.

the droid choices are all pretty cool..
but as i spoke with Site C...

Obi Wan said "i don't remember ever owning any droids"

so either Obi Wan is senile...
or a brick fell on Lucas' head

Perhaps the droid is not his from a certain point of view...more the Republics or Jedis


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