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Greetings from Garven Dreis!


Garven Dreis:
Hello, some of you may know me from Rebelscum. My username is GarvenDreis and here is a link to my profile there:

I just wanted to get out into the collecting community a little more and JediDefender is a great start!

Hope to have a good time here!

Best regards,
Garven Dreis

Jesse James:
Hey...  welcome aboard...  Share some with us though.  What's your focus?  We're glad you joined up, and hope to see you jump into the boards.

Garven Dreis:
Well here is essentially how my focuses break down. I do collect things outside of it as well. If there is a Collection Section I will post some pictures.

Star Wars> Hasbro> 3" 3/4> OT> Rebels> Rebel Pilots> Garven Dreis

Jesse James:
Good collection choice...  A little limited in choices on your focus. :)

I'm a big Rebel Pilot geek though, so I'm really happy you're on board.

Garven Dreis:
Oh no, I collect things that branch off too. You kidding? Rebel Pilots are only a fraction of my collection! They are just what I hunt for the most and strive to complete. I just haven't gotten around to photographing much besides them. They were just the easiest since how they were in being displayed.

Heh heh, thanks. I think I'll work on getting the older models once I have an interest. That Vintage A-Wing Pilot will forever kill me though.  :(


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