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Hey gang!

I've followed this site along with a couple of others for a few years. 

For the past year, I've had to travel to Canada for work which has put a damper on my toy runs.

Looking forward to keeping plugged in while on the road.

Jesse James:
Welcome aboard Red, share a little about your collecting habits with us and where you're from.

Primary interest is collecting 3 3/4" figures and vehicles.

My collection is focused on prequel items and EU, though I'm a sucker for unique aliens and well designed vehicles from any of the films.  I'll occasionally pick up clone wars items, but only the iconic characters/vehicles.

The family hails from the Chicago suburbs.

Where would you recommend Newbies spend their time in the forums getting acclimated?

Jesse James:
Well definitely the 3 3/4" areas of the boards, but we've got a few folks from the Chicago area around here too you may want to chat it up with to help you find what you need, including our own Rob who does our graphics on the site, JACKOFTRADZE who I've not seen much lately but he pops in, and CorranHorn.  There are others around too, I believe, but I'm not sure who all, haha.


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