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Captain Piet's Haves and Wants


Captain Piet:

Vintage Collection #14 Sandtrooper x3 (one unpunched)
TVC #15 Episode III Clonetrooper (unpunched)
TVC #21 Gamorrean Guard
TVC #22 Admiral Ackbar (Return of the Jedi) unpunched
TVC #23 Luke Skywalker (Endor Capture) Return of the Jedi (unpunched)
TVC #25 R2-D2 (Return of the Jedi) unpunched
TVC #25 R2-D2 (Revenge of the Jedi) x2
TVC #26 Endor Rebel Trooper (Return of the Jedi) unpunched
TVC #29 Kit Fisto x3 (one unpunched)
TVC #30 Zam Wesell x2
TVC #33 Padme (peasant)
TVC #34 Jango Fett
TVC #35 Mace Windu
TVC #36 Senate guard x2 (hanging chads that could pass for unpunched)
TVC #37 Super Battle Droid
TVC #53 Bom Vidim
TVC #62 Han Solo (Endor) Return of the Jedi
TVC #62 Han Solo (Endor) Revenge of the Jedi
TVC #63 B-Wing Pilot (Return of the Jedi)
TVC #64 Slave Leia (Return of the Jedi)
TVC #64 Slave Leia (Revenge of the Jedi)
TVC #65 TIE pilot (Return of the Jedi)
TVC #65 TIE pilot (Revenge of the Jedi)

TVC #54 ARC Trooper Commander (Fordo)

Toys R Us exclusive Force Unleashed Darth Phobos

Clone Wars #59 armored Savage Opress

CW #52 Commander Colt

CW scout Y-Wing mini-rig with Warthog

CW Wal-Mart exclusive AT-RT (vehicle only) x2

Senate Captain Jayfon loose, complete x3

CW super-articulated Cad Bane from Deluxe set loose, complete

Cardboard background from Mandalorian Warriors battlepack (makes good diorama piece)

Legacy Collection Build A Droid #48 Joe Johnston Concept Snowtrooper
TLC 50 Utris M'Toc x2
TLC 57 K'Kruhk x2
TLC 61 Shaak Ti
Build a Droid parts:
U-3PO left arm (silver)
L8-L9 torso x2
R3-A2 right leg
R3-M3 body x2
HK-50 torso x3
HK-50 right leg x4
YVH-1 - left leg
BG-J38 right leg x
4BG-J38 left leg x3

Janek Sunber loose/complete x2

TAC #29 Hermi Odle
TAC #21 McQuarrie Concept Chewbacca loose
TAC #16 UGH Darth Vader
TAC #16 Darth Vader loose
TAC #14 Biggs Darklighter loose
TAC #12 Luke Skywalker loose
TAC #11 Han Solo loose
TAC #7 UGH Airborne Trooper
TAC #6 Mace Windu loose
TAC #4 R2-D2 loose
TAC #2 Galactic Marine loose

Saga Aurra Sing
Mace Windu from battlepack loose complete
Anakin from Episode III Commorative tin x3 loose complete
Yoda from Episode III tin x3 loose complete
Mace Windu from Episode III tin x4 loose complete

Saga 2006 Utapau Clone #26 x4

Wal-Mart exclusive DVD Clone three pack

San Diego Comic Con Holographic Leia in star case
Celebration III Talking Darth Vader in original star case
ROTS Clone Commander (red) #33 x3
ROTS exploding Grievous #36 variant (saber on left side)
Clone Wars Super-Articulated Clone Trooper (facing left)
Saga Luke Skywalker (Throne Room Duel) ERROR Glove on left hand

Episode I Obi-Wan Kenobi (Jedi Knight)
Episode I Darth Maul (Sith Lord)
Episode I Ric Olie x3
POTF2 Luke Skywalker in Stormtrooper disguise

Vintage Collection #1 Dengar MOMC (pending)
TVC #5 AT-AT Commander MOMC
TVC #6 C-3P0 MOMC (pending)
TVC #11 Cloud Car Pilot MOMC (pending)
TVC #38 212th Battalion (Utapau) Clone Trooper MOMC
TVC #39 Luke (Death Star Escape) MOMC
TVC #40 R5-D4 MOMC
TVC #42 Han (Yavin Ceremony) MOMC
TVC #50 Han (Bespin) MOMC

Vintage box AT-AP in mint condition
Vintage box V-19 Torrent fighter in mint condition
Vintage box Obi-Wan fighter in mint condition
Target exclusive vintage box TIE fighter in mint condition

The Clone Wars Army of the Republic battlepack

Legacy TRU exclusive TFU Imperial Jumptrooper
Saga Ultimate Bounty Swoop Bike
Art Asylum Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan figures

Entertainment Earth Astromech Droid Pack Series 1
Entertainment Earth Astromech Droid Pack Series 2
Star Tours Wave 4
OTC # 30 Gamorrean Guard (pending)
Saga Deluxe Anakin w/ Slashing Lightsabers and chopped-up Geonosian
Saga Red Leader X-wing


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