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X-Wing prototype!!!

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urban fox:
"But this new starfighter. That's the one." If you thought the triangular shape of Obi-Wan's Jedi starfighter from Episode II was a harbinger of design sensibilities to come, wait until you see the new ship. From certain angles, it's unmistakably a precursor to an original trilogy vessel. And, bringing it all full circle, it incorporates features first seen in the toy version of the previous Jedi starfighter"

This is off Hyperspace today under the title toy box.  Maybe its a X-wing prototype or something, maybe the Republic/Empire will have Tie-fighter prototypes too.  Hopefully some clear dog-fighting will be seen.  Not literally dog fighting of course, that would be sick!

No pics as yet though, I don't have the jedi starfighter toy, anyone out there that can help me out, MisterPL you're our resident toy expert,  what's it got that the film one didn't?

Well, cartoon network has something very similar to what you're talking about.  Think it will be this (top ship in the middle of the picture)?

Those are some cool looking ships...  Let's see which ones make the final cut. 8)

(Ooo, I'm an expert!  8))

The Jedi Starfighter toy has S-foils that unfold similar to the X-wing.

Of course it also has panels that blow off, revealing the inner guts of the ship. Ever since The Phantom Menace, I've wondered if the Y-wing wasn't originally a 2nd generation Naboo Starfighter minus the coverings.

We'll just have to wait and see, but my money's on the X-wing.

urban fox:

This is a picture of the Jedi ship toy, looks like an A-wing to me, but we don't see those till RotJ do we?  Maybe if the red bits of the ship were taken off and normal wings were put on it could be an x-wing, and he did say that only from a certain angle it looks like an OT ship.


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