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X-Wing prototype!!!

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urban fox:
Obviously that didn't work so here's the web-address if you want to copy and paste it to see the Jedi fighter.

Sorry  :-[

Here's an image of how the vehicle works, courtesy of the GalacticHunter image archives:

The Jedi Starfighter was designed to echo the wedge shape of the Imperial Star Destroyer, but on a much smaller scale. The A-wing was inspired by unused Snowspeeder designs which originally used a Y-wing cockpit as a main body.

While the Jedi Starfighter toy takes creative liberties for the sake of play value, I think it's a great evolution of sorts, blending the opening S-foils of the Rebel X-wing with the distinctive shape of an Imperial battleship and ending up resembling a small Sith Infiltrator. THIS is how Anakin's modified Starfighter should have been designed rather than some reverse-engineered podracer.

urban fox:
Great pics MisterPL, slightly better than my fumbled effort.  So were guessing it's going to be thiner with s-foils of a sort?

That'd be my guess. Unless they're referring to the removeable panels, which isn't all that visually interesting. I think we're definitely going to see a pre-cursor to the X-wing. (Maybe a Z-95 Headhunter?)

urban fox:
I didn't think that the headhunter had s-foils.  I thought it just had two locked wings which couldn't / didn't open.  maybe this ship will remove the headhunter out of the evoluion of the x-wing, it'll just become a cheap alternative to the x-wing.


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