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Hello from Stillwater MN



Mike A. answered my CL ad I have up about wanting to buy red card POTF2 figures that are NIB and he told me about this site.

So far I only have a dozen or so to go before I complete my collection that I started as a kid back in 1995.


Jesse James:
Welcome aboard Matt...  Another MN guy eh?  Lots of those here.

POTF2 Red Card collection?  With how many folks are abandoning collecting carded these days, I think you may find what you're looking for pretty easily!  You've definitely got a built-in community of collectors here though as our MN group is pretty sizable.

Which red card figures do you still need?

Yeah I know they aren't worth much even in the box, plus you can display more figures with them loose.

For whatever reason, I really want to put each one in their own case and then display them:)

Here's the ad I posted here for what I still need:



I'm southwest of you in St. Paul. There's a great collection of Minnesota people here, glad to have you too.


Welcome Matt!

I'm a MN-based guy, temporarily in NYC for awhile.  I might be meeting you at the next meeting since I'll be in town then.


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