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Marduk standing by


Hi guys! New member here. 

Like many of you, I've been a Star Wars fan since 1977. I also like Space Cruiser Yamato ("Star Blazers") and Battlestar Galactica ('03).

See you on the forums! :)

Jesse James:
Hey Marduk, welcome aboard!

What areas of Star Wars do you collect?  Join in anywhere...  Have fun!

Awesome handle!

My favorite Marduk album is "Heaven Shall Burn...When We are Gathered".


Hey Jesse James! I collect the 3 3/4" vintage Kenner /modern Hasbro line. I also get the 1:6 scale SS stuff, and the occasional GG mini bust. Will do- thanks man! :)

Thanks McMetal! Its actually more of an Evangelion/D&D reference than anything- im more of an 80's postpunk guy myself heheh...  :)

Welcome to the club, Marduk!


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