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It's not often you find a rare figure out there and buy them for a steal of a deal good price. So post up your past or current purchases you're proud of and the price you paid that made it a great deal:)

Today I got this C9 .01 full circles on hands Boba Fett, what makes him special is that he's missing the chest emblem and a lot of the battle damage silver paint:)

My two Theater Edition Jedi lukes are still displayed in my collection.  I paid the price of a movie ticket and got the well as see ROTJ SE.

Wow, I have that figure upstairs in my attic, just a random part of my collection, the only carded, modern non-TCW figure I have actually...been meaning to list that on eBay. I wonder what the chances are I have the rare version? (not likely...)

Yeah BriansToys has a no-emblem POTF2 red card Fett just like this for $299.00

If you have a Fett without the emblem on his shoulder they're trying to sell it for $500.00

Even more if there aren't circles on his hands, etc.

In the end, figures are only worth what people are willing to pay... looking through Brian's Toys ebay sell history over the last 6 months they've sold some of these several hundred dollar carded POTF2 figs.

I have a Fett with Full Circle on his right hand only (Not the left) and one that is the exact opposite - only the circle on his left hand.  I don't think I've ever even looked for the chest emblem though.  Nice grab!

I'm most "proud" or happy with my Freeze Frame Weequay.  That was a figure I never thought I would get.  I drove way out of my way to a Walmart in Madison and came out empty handed.  Then on a complete whim I stopped at a Fleet Farm and found the whole case, with FF Weequay, Fett, Troopers, etc.  Didn't realize how rare those would be - I never saw those figures for sale again and without the chance trip to the East side of town, I probably wouldn't own them. 

Theater Edition Luke and Toy Fair Vader are close seconds.  Just because they are rare and I have fun memoreis associated with them.


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