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Those are great finds, even more memoriable if you're the original owner:)

It's in the mail now, some of the guys at POTF2 think it might be fake because of the bubble, they locked the thread before I could reply and say "I hope not, I'll be the first to let you all know."

D-bags lol.

Jesse James:
Sounds warm and fuzzy to get that kind of a reception.

Hope it's not a fake...  I didn't realize anyone still cared about POTF2 variations much.  I still have a few around in my pile of extras from that time.  Should probably consider starting selling them off.

darth punkinhed:
I've been clearing out all of my POTF2 stuff. Just sold a Slave Leia with a japanese sticker back for $2.50. I have a closed fist tusken raider if anyone's interested. I'll take a trade. PM me if you're interested. Appologies if my posting this here is a no no. I'm on a vintage ewok kick so I'm clearing out a bunch of carded stuff I have in favor of loose stuff and need a few parts to complete an ewok village and accessories to complete a few ewoks. The ROTJ ones, not the cartoon ones.

Update: the figure I got in the mail today was not the one in the picture... it was just a regular .01 Fett MOC...

I messaged him that I did tell him (when I paid) that I was only interested in the figure in the picture that clearly did not have gray chest emblems and to please send only that one.

He replied and apologized, he did in fact mail me the wrong one ::) He said he didn't notice the two were different until now.

Soo.... he's paying to mail me the figure in the picture (supposidly without chest emblems)... I'm gladly paying to return the figure he sent.

lol, so there still might be hope... but I'll be the first to let you know if the Fett is fake:)

well the guy sent the right Fett (the one in the pic) and he looks ligit to me... I'll post up some higher resolution pics later and I'm going to bring him to the monthly JD meeting to see what the other local guys think.


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