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Need B.A.D. parts and a few other odds & ends, Have Cade Skywalker


Hey, I am looking for the following droid parts:

YVH-1 head and gun
HK-50 head -pending
Darktrooper parts: arms, legs, and head

R4-J1 complete
L8-L9 complete
5D6-RA7 head -pending
Droid Factory guide (1 sheet with picture of all 2008-09 droids) <---stored in Gonk droid! Man, I shoulda got more of these!!!

Odds & ends:

need Pre Vizsla darksaber, jetpack, and 1 pistol

Have a loose complete mint Cade Skywalker, need a loose complete Darth Malak

Will trade and or buy, please PM!! Thanks!


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